How to Install VSTO….. Sequence of installations

Hi All….
When you are installing Visual Studio Tools for Office you should keep in mind the following sequence….
1. Install Windows Latest Service Pack (SP2 for Win XP and SP1 for Windows Server 2003)
2. Install SQL Server 2000
3. Install SQL Server SP3
4. WINFX Feb CTP (Go to and write WINFX Feb CTP in search button a link will appear)
5. VSTOR (Visual Studio Tools for Office Runtime Components)
6. VS 2005 Extension WorkFlow
7. Office 2003
8. PIA (Assembly for office 2003)
9. Visual Studio 2005
10. VsSDK April 2006 (Visual Studio SDK Contain VSTA (Visual Studio Tools for Applications))
11. Office 2007
12. VSTO3CTP (VSTO Runtime System Components)

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