Installing and Configuring SharePoint Portal Server 2003

 Installing and Configuring SharePoint Portal Server 2003

Installation Steps

  1. Install Windows Server 2003 with SP1
  2. Install SQL Server 2000 with SP4
  3. Install IIS 6.0 with ASP.NET from WINDOWS COMPONENTS in ADD/REMOVE softwares in the CONTROL PANNEL
  4. Install Windows SharePoint Portal Server 2003 from Setup file

Configuration Steps

  1. After first few steps setup will ask for the following options
    1. With Database Engine
    2. Without Database Engine
  2. Select Without Database Engine
  3. After the installation is finished go to SharePoint Central Administration
    1. 1st Step: Give your account and password in the second window
    2. 2nd Step: Select create Configuration DB and select Server Name and select “Use Default Name”
    3. 3rd Step: Give your email like
  4. Click Change components and check all boxes from top and then close it
  5. After these steps if you want to go to SharePoint portal it will show message “Under construction”
  6. So go to Central Administration and select Create a Portal Site give its name etc and then the portal Site is created.


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