Monthly Archives: July, 2008

I get prompt for User Name and Password, when I try to access my portal site!

When I access portal, I get prompt for username/password every time… Here’s is the way to remove it! Open internet explorer Go to Tools Click on internet option Open security tab Click on custom level Scroll down and select Select Automatic logon with current username and password Click ok Advertisements

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Converting Data Type of Promoted Fields with Custom Event Handlers for MOSS

Hi Again, In my previous post titled "WORKING WITH INFOPATH FORMS AND INFOPATH SERVICES", I tried to build a guide for publishing InfoPath forms as content types and promoting few fields so that they can appear in list views. I hope the previous post was useful and helpful. Please provide your comments on that, if …

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Working with InfoPath Forms and InfoPath Services

Hi All, Its long time, I’m out of my blogging service, just because of the fact I didn’t get enough time to share with you people my findings. Anyways, new twist in life and I’m back. Before I would take you towards my post, I would like to share a though with all of you! …

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