Bulk Check-in inside a Document library

Hi Folks, I am back with yet another very interesting post regarding bulk check-in from a document library.

First the requirements:
  1. The initial requirement from the client was that, it wants to do bulk check-in inside a document library.
  2. Users must be able to see a link in “Actions” menu of a document library which navigates to a new page from where users must select the file(s) to check-in and they gets checked in with some certain comments.
Now the analysis:
User requirments clearly showed two things.
  1. Customization of “Actions Menu” of a document library.
  2. As there can be multiple document libraries so we need to figure out a way through which we can put it in all document libraries.
  3. Development of a custom page from where users can select multiple documents and check them in the document library.
Let me show you couple of snapshots here so that you guys can have a better idea of what we are gonna build in this blog in next couple of minutes.
Now the steps in the development:
First create a feature to customize “Actions Menu”. There will be two CAML files including (Feature.xml and actions.xml). As you might be familiar that feature.xml file defines the features basis including the scope, description, title etc of the feature itself. However, actions.xml file will define the customization of the menu. Please note that you can also customize the context menu here as well.
This post is still continued and will get completed till tomorrow…. Please wait… Thanks

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