Steps to apply for employment VISA for any GULF based country (UAE VISA)

Guys, I hope you are doing great. I am about to write a very important post on ‘steps to apply for employment VISA’ for any GULF based country. I hope this post will help you avoid all the KHAWARI that I have been through.

Please note: These steps are according to the procedures in place till Sep, 2012. However, all procedures are subject to changes so please coordinate with concerned departments before starting your process.

VERY VERY IMPORTANT: First of all open your Matric/O’Levels degree, Intermediate/A’Levels degree, Graduation degree, CNIC and Passport to make sure that YOUR NAME and your FATHER’s NAME is exactly the same at all places including cast. (Example: Khurram Butt s/o Haji Gulam Sarwar Butt –> All your degree must contain Haji & Butt). Embassy these days are not validating any degrees which are NOT fulfilling this requirement. Otherwise, you have to make a new CNIC and then Passport or get them rectified on your degrees.


  • Get your latest passport size pics in red, blue and white backgrounds
  • Get at least 3 copies of all your academic degrees, Passport and CNIC.
  • Keep your original Passport, CNIC and degrees with you wherever you go.
  • After you get documents attested from HEC get new photocopies (front/back side both)
  • After you get documents attested from foreign office get new photocopies again (front/back both)
  • HEC’s stamp is only valid for 6 months. Renew it first if its older at your degree. HEC renews it for FREE!

Step No. 1: Getting Degrees verified (A real pain in the ass) :@
You have to get your degrees verified from three institutions – I will guide you how to avoid all the pain and save your money & precious time.

  1. HEC (Higher education commission)
  2. MoFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  3. Embassy of any GULF country

Getting Degrees verified from HEC:

  1. Go to HEC’s site and verify that your university was in the list of recognized universities. Here is the link:
  2. Read the guidelines given by HEC on their site for degree attestation:
  3. Apply online and reserve your time slot. HEC will give you a time slot (Example 5 days). They will tell you date & time and you have to be there in their office at allocated date & time. Go to this link to apply online:
  4. Now this step is your prerogative how you want to proceed there are two options
    1. Option A: After applying online go to nearby OCS shop and give your degrees/transcript to them along with fee which is Rs. 800 per degree and Rs. 500 per photocopy (These are HEC charges) and Rs. 220 (OCS charges). They will get it done for you in 9-11 working days.
    2. Option B: After applying online go to HEC’s office yourself in Islamabad at allocated date & time and get it done yourself. This will consume your whole day as you have to be there at HEC’s office by 9AM.
    3. Now you are done with HEC’s verification

Getting Degrees verified from Ministry of Foreign Affaris (MoFA):

  1. Prerequisite is that you must first get your degrees verified by HEC. This step is very important. Do NOT get your time wasted by directly going to MoFA. First get the Step 1 above done.
  2. This step is easy and multiple options
    1. Option A: If you are based in Lahore and your degrees are also from Lahore then go to 82-Gulberg 2. This is foreign office’s camp office. They collect degrees before 12 Noon and will return back to you by 4PM after attestation. This will take only 4-5 hours. For a degree & transcript they will charge Rs. 50  If you have your own vehicle then here are driving direction
      1. Go to canal road and start moving towards Jail road (Coming from thokar towards mall road)
      2. Just BEFORE the underpass of Jail road there is left-turn (Do NOT go to the underpass of Jail road or to the jail road) there you will find 82-Gulberg 2. It is camp office of MoFA in Lahore.
    2. Option B: If you are Islamabad based or can go to Islamabad then get it done yourself. Foreign offices usually have long queues so to avoid them be there at 7AM and reserve your token. The sooner you go the better it will be. They serve you on first come first serve basis. This will also take one day. For a degree & transcript they will charge Rs. 50
    3. Option C: If you do NOT want to go to MoFA office by yourself just to OCS office/UPS office they will charge you some amount and get it done for you. This process will take around 7 working days. No urgent service is available in this case.

Getting your degrees verified by embassy:

Entering the diplomatic enclave in Islamabad is hell of a job. If you know anyone inside ask him for the favor to get your documents verified. Otherwise the best option is to SASHA’s office which is based in Islamabad give them USD 60 (urgent processing fee). This will take 1-2 days and without any pain you can get it done but you have to go to Islamabad yourself to visit SASHA’s office. SASHA deals with all embassies of all GULF countries. Important thing: If you pay them in USD then it’s fine otherwise they will charge you extra on top of dollar exchange rate. Here are their details. . .

SASHA International
2nd Floor Flat # 8, Block No. 16
LIBRA Market (Khadda Market)
Near PSO Pump – MARKAZ G-7, Islamabad
Tel: +92-51-2204469, 051-2204686 – Email:
Google map coordinates: (33.70261743200274, 73.07481050491333)

Step No. 2: Getting the medical examination
If you are in Lahore, Pakistan then go to Chugtai labs, Jail road (Do NOT go to any collection center – They will take full one day) and give fresh blood samples for the following tests

  1. Complete blood picture will cost Rs. 500
  2. Hepatitis (All types) will cost Rs. 1800
  3. X-RAY of lungs for symptoms of TB/smoking
  4. Any other (if advised by employer/consulate)

Chugtai labs will publish your test reports online within 3-4 hours and will send you SMS alert. You can get it printed online using your Patient & Case IDs. I hope this will help you. Please keep me posted with your comments/suggestion or any information you know.



  1. Fareed

    Dear Muneeb,

    Thank you for such details; it is very nice of you to help your fellow Pakistanis – it is indeed very noble of you. I have a question – Is it necessary to take all degrees? i just need to get my last Masters degree verified for my employer in the GCC. why should i take my matric? Also, will i have to pay to get matric verified? I don’t need my matric and Inter degrees to be verified.

    Moreover, I am currently working in Kuwait and my degrees were earlier already verified by the University, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of Education and finally Kuwait Embassy in Pakistan as well as Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kuwait before i got a Kuwaiti work Iqama. This was done 5 years ago when there was no HEC verification required.

    I may now be transferred to Saudi Arabia and therefore in order to get Saudi Embassy stamp do i need to get an HEC verification done and go through this torture all over again ??

    Sorry to burden you – but you seemed to be a guru in terms of what needs to be done.

    Thank you for all your help.

    Fareed Khan

    • Brother Asalam o Alikum!

      Yes, you have to go through all this pain over again. Procedures have changed a lot.

      HEC, MoFA and Embassy verifications are required now! You might not required to show all your documents (in your case JUST the master’s degree) but please make sure that you take ALL the original ones with you.

      First step, go to HEC’s site and get an online registration to get your MS degree attested (HEC’s attestation is only valid for 6 months) then go to MoFA and get MS Degree attested and finally submit it to SASHA’s office along with a copy of your valid CNIC & Passport. That’s the simplest way

      Most important: Please make sure that your and your father’s name is same in all your degrees, CNIC and Passport (including full name and cast). Example: Khurram Butt S/o Haji Gulam Ahmed Butt –> Make sure you have included Haji, Butt etc everywhere. Saudi embassy are really charged up these days and do not give any concession for this.

      Best of luck in all the KHAWARI – Do get a print out of this post to avoid any conflict :-)


      • Btw, if you can get this process done from Kuwait then you can avoid this khawari ;-) I dont know what the process over there but the process I have explained is exactly the same I have been through. Good luck.

      • Dear Muneeb, My name is Muhammad Osama Arshad in CNIC and Passport but in all degree my name is Osama Arshad. So, this will be issue or not if yes then what i do.

      • Dear Osama,

        Please check with authorities as I am only guiding everyone as per my own experience and I am NOT the final authority to say anything about it. Thanks


      • what is the requirement for attestation of Transcript from HEC? and Is HEC attest Provisional certificate..?

      • As far as I know, its same as degree attestation.

    • dear now sasha is giving you back degree after 45 working days. and taking 4500 Pakistani. because according to new rule there is no urgent system. this is new rule I have visited the sasha in july 2013 mid of auguest still i didnot get back the degree.
      But one easy way which i want to tell you if u are coming to uae the after forign affair attestation contact to pakistani consilite and attested the document in 15 to 20 aed and this process will done in 1 to 2 hours after that visite directly to forign office in dubai the will charge 150 aed and attested at same time then ur process will complete in one day.

  2. abid aziz

    Dear muneeb,

    you are on right track.for kuwait Visa you have to follow same process.

    • ahmed maqsood


      I already make a nicop card before 2 years in my previous passport
      at this time i got new passport so i again got the nicop card or use the previous

      • As far as I knowk If you are NOT changing your “country of stay” then no need for new one! Thanks


  3. yousefraza

    my surname is not mention in my id card but it is mention on my Degree. what should i do before applying. is their any other way to attest it without making new id n passport

    • You can call SASHAH office.

      There is another way out as well!!

      If you have applied through some resource outsourcing agency then you can send them your original degree to apply for your VISA. That way you will be saved from all verifications etc. Thanks


  4. zahid

    Assalam Wa Alaikum

    Sir i want to know i am applying for my wife visa here in Qatar do i need to also verify my educational documents through SASHA ? or only Foreign office attestation is enough.

    Thanks in advance for your reply

    • WAS,

      If you are applying for you wife’s VISA and if you are already in QATAR then your wife’s VISA will be dependent VISA and for dependent VISAS no degree attestations are required. For dependent VISA in UAE here are the requirements.

      1. Valid Passport of your wife (or whom you are applying).
      2. Copy of your rental agreement till the time of your VISA.
      3. Proof of your relationship (in case of spouse – NIKKAH NAMMA) translated into English and attested as well.

      NOTE: Degree attestations are required only in case of applying for jobs!


  5. romana

    Dear Muneeb,
    My husband is working in dubai and now he wants to apply my visa.What is the requirements for this and also tell the documnebts need for it.

    • Dear Romana,

      If your husband is looking for your residence (dependent) visa for you then here are the requirements.

      1. Marriage certificate (Computerized by NADRA) attested by Ministry of Forign Affairs (you can get it done from their Lahore office)
      2. Send him the marriage computerized and english version of marriage certificate so that he can get it attested from UAE Embassay in Dubai
      3. Your machine readable passport (copy of it)
      4. His salary certificate from his company
      5. VISA Application typed by any typing center in Dubai
      6. Tenancy contract (Contract must be on his name)
      7. Copy of EJARI certificate
      8. Copy of DEWA Bill
      9. Copy of his passport
      10. Your photographs with white background

      Dependent VISA requirements is that your’s husband’s salary must be higher than 5000 Dirhams per month

      Issues of VISA takes 3-4 working days.


  6. Sara

    Hi, I have a few questions. I’m going to Dubai in search of a job. Now I don’t have a bachelor’s degree. Like I do but its just a transcript, not something that HEC will verify. So basically my verifiable documents are matric and HSSC. Do I need to get them attested from Foreign office too? and if so, then should i get them attested from some place else before going to MOFA? I went to HEC the other day but they said they only verify bachelor’s degree.
    Plus another question, do they really care if ur degrees are attested or not? when u apply for a job there? Not that I’m gonna apply in Microsoft :p

    • Hi Sara,

      UAE immigration department only accepts degrees verified by their UAE Embassay (in our case UAE Embassay in Pakistan). My suggestion is if you have bachelor’s degree get it attested from HEC then MoFA and finally UAE Embassay. Please do not waste money on getting those degrees verified which does not matter. Your VISA type will depend on your degree. Thanks


  7. Needs Advise

    Hi Muneeb,

    I didn’t take my BBA degree from the uni or which when i applied for the degree they said they need 3-6 months (a long). so im getting my A’Levels attested from British council, MOFA and then UAE embassy in KHI.

    I have a job offer of a managerial position. Will A’Levels effect by Visa?? i have learnt that my employer can get a Visa (for clerk) and then when i get my BBA they can amend the Visa to Managers’, is it ok like this?

    How should i tell this to my employer?

    Needs advise!

    • What I recommend is be pro-active with your employer and clearly tell them in advance. What they can do is they can send you entry permit based on a clerikal visa and can later on change it to managerial one once you have the degree. But this should be done ASAP bcz once you get your residence visa stamped on your passport then they won’t be able change it.

      In case if you have it on your passport then they have to cancel the old one and get a new one and in that case you have to come back to Pakistan and then enter back in UAE. Moreover, your employer might get pissed off on this so be proactive with them.

      Most importanly, Once you get your VISA then get your protector certificate – Read this post from me:

      Good Luck!


  8. Dear Muneeb,

    I require your help.
    I am currently residing in UAE and have sent my degree for verification to the UAE Embassy ( after HEC & MOFA ) but there is a slight problem , the spellings of my Father’s name is different in my PP and on my degree.

    My degree shows his name as Muhammad Jawaid
    but my PP shows it as Muhammad Javed.

    Firstly would it effect my attestation? Can the UAE embassy reject the degree attestation ?
    Secondly if it does what is the fastest way to get that done.

    Since i have resigned from my current job and am waiting for the degree to be delivered to go through with the visa process.

    Do let me know how to proceed

    • Hi Muneeb, I recently visit your site and got lot of useful information, My Father name on my documents is Asghar Ali. and on my ID card &PP is Chaudhary Asghar Ali. Does this raise create issue for UAE Visa. Waiting for your reply soon.And if yes what i can do to figure it out. I want to Move UAE in coming 15days on visit visa to find Job.

      • It will not create problem in acquiring visit visa but it will create problem for you when you go to UAE embassy for the attestation of your degree. Check with SASHA company. They will guide you. Thanks


  9. Anonymous

    what will happen if someone sends fake degree to sasha to get attested from embassy only and he is already having IBCC and MOFA attestation on his degree..?

    • First question why earn a fake degree??? whatever your will earn on top your fake degree would be halal earnings or not?????? Food for thought!

  10. Needs Advise

    Hi Muneeb,

    Just to update you got my A’levels attested and have sent it to MOFA for attestation. Then comes the UAE embassy in Karachi (through Bukhari Travels).

    Then ill send it to HR in DXB.

    NO news on the BBA degree as yet!

    • Ahmed Muneeb

      Great! Good Luck!

  11. Needs Advise

    HI Muneeb,

    Can you pl advise as from where can i get my “Marriage certificate (Computerized by NADRA)??.. i need it for Visa application for Dubai.

    • Ahmed Muneeb

      You can get your computerized marriage certificate through the registrar where your marriage is registered or through NADRA office itself (i am not sure about this). I got mine through the registrar… Good luck!

  12. Shehzad

    AOA, kindly tell me that if i do job in Dubai during my job in Dubai. if i have got an opportunity of Australian work visa then will my Australian work visa stamp from there in Dubai? or i’ll have to come back to Pakistan for stamping my Australian work visa kindly reply me as soon as possible. Thanks

    • Ahmed Muneeb

      Hi Shahzad,

      I have absolutely no idea about this. You should consult Australian Embassay here in Dubai for this. Thanks


  13. shah88

    is it necessary to have SSC /hssc degrees verified by IBCC before HEC attests BSc degree.

    • No. It is not required to attest other degrees. Just get your BSc Degreee attested. Thanks


  14. Abdul Azeem

    highly appreciated ur detailed answers to each and every person here.
    Best of luck Muneeb

    • Thanks Abdul Azeem!

      Your comment is really encouraging. Thanks


  15. faizan

    salam my question is that i will be awarded my bechlor degree on my convocation but i get a job in uae on provisional certificate n transcript basis i hv a transcript rite now will uae embassy attest my transcript. because hec is attesting my transcript.

    • No worries! You can get your transcript attest from HEC and UAE Embassay and send it to your employer for VISA processing. Once your degree comes then you get the degree attested from HEC and UAE Embassay later. Thanks


      • Dear Muneeb,
        I am also going to Attest My Documents for UAE, Whether Transcript of BBA & MBA are necessary to Attest For UAE Job ?

        And UAE Embassy Attestaion are Necessary Before going there .. Or You will Need to Attest From UAE Embassy after finding Job at there in UAE ???

      • Dear Irshad,

        No need to get the transcripts attested. You will get job based on your degrees not transcripts. Just get your highest degree attested (in your case it is MBA).

        First from HEC then from Ministry of Foriegn Affairs (Pakistan and in Pakistan) then UAE Embassay in Pakistan (through some agency like SASHA).

        Dont waste money on more degrees. Just one is enough (highest & latest). Thanks


    • Ahmed Muneeb

      Dear Faizan,

      Yes, you can get the transcript attest and tell this to your employer. He will manage it. Thanks


  16. Asgher

    hello Muneeb,

    can you please sort this that on my all educational certificates the sir name mentioned is asgher but on my passport it was asghar (pronoun mistake of E and A) can it effect on getting employment visa from UAE.
    i got verified my degree from HEC and MOFA. but not from UAE embassy till yet.
    please help me on this.
    Waiting for you kind response.


    • Asghar

      Need your advise muneeb waiting for your help
      It really confusing

    • Ahmed Muneeb

      Dont worry. First get your degree attested from HEC and Ministry of Foriegn Affairs then talk to SAHSHA company. They will guide you later. Thanks


  17. zeshan saeed

    Salam muneeb I have matric and fsc then I have done acca kindly telme which document I should have attested and its procedure . I should attest all 3 of them or just acca coz matric fsc is attested by ibcc not by hec.
    Kindly answer asap

    • Ahmed Muneeb


      Just get your ACCA attested. Dont waste money or energy on any other degree. Thanks


      • Muhammad Ammar

        Dear Muneeb,

        Thanks, this reply helped me too.

        Keep up the good work! JazakALLAH


  18. Abrar Dawar

    Hi everyone… !
    i have done pharm-D and now i wana go to UAE in search of job on a VISIT VISA, which academic documents do i need to be attested.? i mean should i attest my SSC and HSSC Certificates and DMCs also ? kindly guide me.. thanks

    • Ahmed Muneeb

      Get the latest degree/certificate attested on the basis of which you will get a job. Not all certificates are required to get attested. Thanks


  19. Mrs.Sohail

    Salam Muneeb bhai

    Just want to know, what’s the procedure of getting Nikah namma attested from Mofa Lahore and Uae consulate Islamabad.
    I have Nikah namma (in urdu), its english translation version and nadra marriage registration certificate. Any other docs do i need to get attestation done?
    Furthermore I checked the website of Uae consulate, they did not accept doc’s in person rather they accept thru the following companies 1) UPS/PPS 2) SASHA Islamabad based
    UPS is nationwide company,Is it reliable to use UPS for doc’s attestation because i have to drive 7 hours to get to Islamabad. UPS is the only convenient source for me.

    Secondly, what is the address of Mofa Lahore for nikah namma attestation? This is the address written in the website: Camp Office Lahore , No. 1-AC Off. Club Road GOR-1, Lahore.

    Thirdly, I have to attest my BS degree from HEC and HEC said i have to bring all my certificates from matric onward but, I just want to attest BS degree. Whats the reason of bringing all certificates? and do I need to attest my Matric and FSC degree too to get job in Dubai or just attestation of last qualification BS degree sufficient.

    I”l be very thankful to you If you kindly give me prompt response and detail about the procedure.

    • Ahmed Muneeb

      First of all. You dont need to get your nikkah namma attested from UAE Embassay in Pakistan. Just get your nikkah nammma attested from Nikkah registrar office & MoFA, Lahore and then get it from attested from Pakistani Consulate in UAE and then from UAE’s MoFA in Dubai or Abu-Dhabi. No need to get it attested from UAE Embassay in Pakistan. It will cost you a lot to get it attested from UAE Embassay in Pakistan.

      What you heard about embassay in pak is right. They do not accept documents in person rather you have to send it to them via any company of your choice.

      Yes, the address is right. MoFA Lahore camp office is near Jail road’s underpass. Just before Jail road’s underpass there is a sharp left turn with a dead end (when coming from Thokar side)

      No, you dont need to get any other degree attested. Just get your BS degree attest to get job in UAE. If HEC is asking for other degree’s just take them – they just wanted to refer to them. So no need to worry!!!!

      I hope I have answered all your questions. Thanks


  20. Mrs.Sohail

    Thank you for your prompt response!

    Just want to know about Nikah registrar office? The one where mine Nikah is registered?
    Also about doc’s above mentioned for Nikah namma attestation are sufficient i-e Nikah namma in Urdu 2) It english translation 3) Nadra marriage registration certificate (MRC)
    Any other doc’s required to go thru from this attestation process, If have to process them from Uae consulate in Dubai or in Pakistan?
    How much it will cost me If i attest from Uae embassy in pakistan?
    I’m so much worried about this whole process.
    Kindly answer ASAP !!!

    • Ahmed Muneeb

      1. Yes, Nikkah Registrar is one where your Nikkah is registered.
      2. Yes, documents which you have mentioned are enough.
      3. No, there are no other required documents to get your nikkah namma attested.

      Dont worry. IA all will go very well!

  21. zia ur rehman


    My father name is Syed Akhter Naeem qutbi in my cnic & passport while in my degrees & PEC cretificate my father name is Syed Akhter Naeem, “qutbi” is not included in my degree certificates so please guide me that is it acceptable for HEC to attest my documents for dubai?

    • Ahmed Muneeb

      HEC will attest your documents without any problem but it a rule from UAE Embassay in Pakistan that your name and your father’s name should be same on your degree, ID and your passport. Shasha (company) will not accept your documents but you can try to contact sasha and get new rule information (may be rules have changed). Thanks.

      • zia ur rehman

        Dear Muneeb

        is Shasha company have any branch in Karachi ? because i m from Karachi and i personally want to contact with them? or any other company in Karachi which may guide me on this matter?

  22. Ali

    Dear Sir,

    I have an engineering bachelors degree that has been attested by the UAE Embassy in Dubai. I have additionally finished two masters degrees along side. My visa is issued to me on my bachelors degree as per the job nature ( I am an engineer ). I would like to know if I should get both the masters degree attested or only one of them will be enough to get me the visa if required? Will they be required if I’m promoted to better positions in my company or the visa will continue to be renewed on my bachelors degree?

    • Ahmed Muneeb

      Dear Ali,

      Yes, its always better to get your latest degree attested. When you get free time do get your Master degree attested. In GULF region bachelor’s degree is enough to get you good job title :)


  23. Waleed Ali

    Dear, Muneeb
    I need your help
    My father name on my degree is ” Muhammad Uzair Malik ” but on my CNIC it is ” Malik Muhammad Uzair, and on my Passport it is ” Uzair, Malik Muhammad ” now tell me sasha will verify my degree from UAE embassay or it will make any name issue?

    • Ahmed Muneeb

      Dear Waleed Ali,

      No, UAE Embassay wont attest your degreess… These seems two different names. Only Spellings can be ignored. Call sasha office and ask for their help. Thanks

  24. Ahmed Muneeb


    Do keep this post alive by sharing your personal experiences as well and what problems you faced. It will help other Pakistanis. Thanks


    • syed raza

      salam , i am british so my wife we are moving to uae from uk can our nikahnama and B.A DEGREE get attested in uae by local agents in uae any problems with that may we face, please guide in this regard.
      thank you

      • WAS,

        Raza, your nikkah namma must be first attested from place of its origin (where your nikkah is registered). Normally attestation of nikkahnamma in Pakistan is done by nikah registarar office (union counsil) then from Ministry of Forign Office and then from Pakistani Counsulate (in UAE) and finally from UAE’s Ministry of Forign Office (in UAE) but since you are british then process would be definately differnet which I am not sure.

        You can also read my another post: which might help as well.

        Good luck and do keep us posted with your experience. It will help others. Many thanks


  25. usman akbar


    I hope you are fine,please guide me, My fathers name on all of my documents(cnic, passport, intermdiate, bachlors) is Muhammad akbar but on my matric degree is Muhd akbar, since I have done my matric from U.A.E through federal board and Muhd is widely accepted acronym of Muhammad. I just wanted to know would this create a problem for me while attestation of my bachelors degree From HEC or not?

    Now in case i get it attested from hec and MOFA, would Uae embassy attest it because the name on my passport/ CNIC would be exactly the same as on my bachelors degree the only difference is in my matric certificate.
    I will be waiting for you reply.

    Thanking in Anticipation!



    • WAS. Why you want to get your matric degree attested? Just get your bachelor degree attested which has same name. You will get job based on your bachelor’s degree not on matric degree. Thanks.

      • usman akbar

        Bro, In order to get my bachelors degree attested they require us to provide matric and other certificate and hec does tally the names over them. i want to know whether Muhd and muhammad will create a problem?

  26. AOA All
    My father,s name on my degrees was little bit different from my CNIC & pasport, but Sasha has accept my degrees and ignore this issue and my degree has been attested from UAE embassy, so don,t take tensions about little mistakes in your father,s name.

    • usman akbar

      thanks bro, Hec also didnt create an issue?

  27. Dear Muneeb sb. I am realy thankful to u for this guideline.. May Allah Bless u Amin…

  28. Tahir Khalil

    Dear Mr. Muneeb, I have a little question about HEC attestation, as I might need to get it attested if I am offered a job from KSA.

    My name on ID: Tahir Khalil
    on Bachelor’s degree: Tahir Khalil Nasir
    on HSSC: Tahir Khalil
    on SSC: Tahir Khalil Nasir

    My father’s name and date of birth are exactly same, just my father’s name which is Nasir is additionally added at two places with my name. Will HEC create any problems regarding this or I should ask my recruitment agents to take of this problem. Thanking you in advance, Allah Hafiz

  29. Haseeb Ahmed

    Mr. Ahmed Muneeb first of all u r doing a great job.. helping brothers and sisters by which u have been through..
    As i have been offered a job In Uae Alhmadolillah on my Bachelors In Commerce degree so i too have to go through this painfull procedure of attestations .
    The query i have to make is on my B.Com part 1 marksheet my father’s name was spelled wrong.. like its
    “Khaliq Ahmed” but its printed
    “Khalik Ahmed” in B.Com part 1 marksheet but in part 2 marksheet its right “Khaliq Ahmed”.. I am bit confused … plz tell me does wrong spelling on marksheet of part 1 is an issue or not..?
    I would appretiate if u reply me Asap..
    Haseeb Ahmed.

    • Get your Father name changed on your B.COM Degree. You can do that. Check with your college/University. Name of the final degree matters. Confirm it before you get the final degree. It should be same as on your passport and NIC. Good luck!

      • Haseeb Ahmed

        Thank U very much for your guidance Muneeb Bhai.. Feeling excited to share that my Bachelors Degree is with me now and there’s no spelling mistake..
        Muneeb Bhai i have to make another query.. as of now i am residing in Karachi now is there anyother procedure to get degrees attested by HEC rather then going to Lahore? i have heard about OCS ,but how much time will they take in this process?
        And my employer sends me the offer letter via email and hopefully he is going to send me visa my email too… so i had to print it out and then do i need protector for that?
        I’ll really appretiate your soonest response as i dont have anyone else to guide.
        Thank You
        Haseeb Ahmed

      • Yes you can give your degree to OCS – they will get it attested from HEC and FO. Last time, they we taking around 20 working days.

        Option 2 is (if you belong to Lahore) then in Lahore (Galib Market) there is one HEC office – check with them if they verify degrees or not. If they do then get it done from them it will save your time and then there is FO in Lahore – Get it done from there as well. If you do it yourself then you can get it done in maximum 2 days.

        Otherwise, you can give it to OCS.

        Yes, you need protector because he will send you an employment VISA on paper. Get your protector from Lahore office as well. That will take one day. I documented all steps to get protector here:

        Good luck and do share your complete experience with us. Thanks


  30. moon786

    Aoa …Ahmed Muneeb bhai you are doing great job …thanks to you …i want to ask a question related to medical test cousin is selected as safety officer in abu dhabi ..he tested from al-nasar lab privately …his syphilis test is positive(chugtai lab declared as well)….can you tell me he will be deported from abu dhabi ?? i have heard about six categories in which they will deport if syphilis is positive (excluding safety officer)..please i need proper answer ..i will be thankful to you ..moon

    • Ahmed Muneeb

      WAS. Thanks

      No, I am not sure about this. This is very important matter and you should contact local authorities for this. Thanks


  31. Adeel

    Any body tell me what i do because there is no space on back side of my bachelor degree for uae attestation. i submit to bukhari travel for attestation they take it and return me after mukharram holidays with the reason of no sufficient space for verification. i get a job in abu dhabi and they give me offer letter on 4-11-2013 and said go pakistan and do verification and send us scan. but still now nothing happens yesterday i remove one stamp and submit again to bukhari travel for attestation.

    • Ahmed Muneeb

      Send your original degree to your employer with this reason (if you really trust them) and ask them to get your VISA. Thanks.


    • ahmed

      dear i have same pblm how i can cross this situation kindly share your experience….

      • I have already shared my experience in the blog :)

        Good luck.

  32. Adeel

    i want to ask you that, degree attestation is necessary for employer for getting a new employment visa from immigration?

    • Ahmed Muneeb

      Yes it is required. One other solution is to send the original degree to your new employer and he can get VISA based on that (if you really trust them – Dont send to any fake guys who you think later wont return you). Thanks


  33. Adeel

    thanks ahmed muneeb,
    if i attest transcript and send scan to employer for new employment visa ? is transcript is acceptable?

    • Ahmed Muneeb

      Dear Adeel,

      Please talk to your employer about this. I am not sure about this.


  34. Raheel

    Hi Ahmed
    Thakns for the post. I just went to HEC regional office here at karachi. But i dint have Intermdiate Marksheet and Certificate.I have to go UAE next month for job search and its not possible to go intermidiate board office its a long process and even HEC is taking 2 months for the process. Can i just get my degree verified from Ministry of F.A ?

    Kindly reply

  35. Raheel

    Hi Ahmed
    Thakns for the post. I just went to HEC regional office here at karachi. But i dint have Intermdiate Marksheet and Certificate.I have to go UAE next month for job search and its not possible to go intermidiate board office its a long process and even HEC is taking 2 months for the process. Can i just get my degree verified from Ministry of F.A ?

    • Ahmed Muneeb

      As far as I know – HEC verification is complusory. Foriegn Affair do NOT attest degree without HEC’s attestation. Good luck!


  36. shah zeb

    Salam dear

    I just read your all answer to your students and you give such a heart touching response to each and everyone. I impressed

    dear Muneeb I done my MBA in 2011 and I verify my all documents like (SSC and HSSC from local then form IBBC then from MOFA) and bachelor and master degree from university then from HEC and also form MOFA. now I want to visit to UAE so what the process and procedure for verification of my degree from UAE embassy?

    2nd currently I working in UBL as a customer services and operation manager since July 2011, how much possibility for me to find perfect job related to field and experience in UAE?
    is it good for me to visit UAE?
    In the duration of one month should i found job or not?

    • If HEC stamp is more than 6 months old then get your only Masters degree attested AGAIN from HEC and then from UAE Embassay (for testing from embassay just send give your degree to Sasha).

      SASHA International
      2nd Floor Flat # 8, Block No. 16
      LIBRA Market (Khadda Market)
      Near PSO Pump – MARKAZ G-7, Islamabad
      Tel: +92-51-2204469, 051-2204686 – Email:
      Google map coordinates: (33.70261743200274, 73.07481050491333)

      Yes, you should visit UAE. There is lot of scope. Good luck! Thanks


      • shah zeb

        dear muneeb

        verification date is 19 November 2012.
        so its mean that I would have to verify it again from HEC.

        is it possible that I handover/dispatch my degree to my friend and he/she verified degree on my behalf from sasha international.

  37. shah

    dear after verification your documents from board, university, IBBC ,foreign office and from UAE embassy is there any verification remaining?

  38. Dazed

    Hello Muneeb,

    Just stumbled across your blog. I need your help in getting my documents attested by the UAE embassy.

    I have taken my O and A levels and I have done my Bachelors Degree from LUMS, Lahore. I need to get my Bachelors degree attested from HEC. Do I need to first get an equivalence statement made for my O and A levels because everywhere i read, it says Matric onwards? Or can I simply send my O and A Level sheets with my Bachelors degree and transcript to HEC? Will they attest it?

    Thanks a million!

    • Ahmed Muneeb

      Hi Dazed,

      Few points.

      1. Just get your bachelors degree attested (No need to get O & A Levels attested)
      2. To get your bachelors degree attested you need to send your O & A Levels along with your bachelor’s degree. As far as I know they do accept O & A level but it is always better to check with HEC before you start the attestation process. If you are Lahore based then you can check with HEC’s camp office (in Galib Market) or if Islo based then check with HEC office (near PTV). Another option is to check with OCS as they provide services for degree attestation (they take around 20 working days – but will save all your pain)
      3. HEC attestation is valid for only 6 months so if you are planning to apply for job or attempting for VISA then plan accordingly.

      Good luck and keep us posted with your experience. It will help other Pakistanis.


  39. Shizza

    My father name spellings r muhammad farooque in my metric certificate,n muhammad farooq on my fsc,Certificate n B.A n M.A degrees,will it create a problem in hec attestation

    • For HEC – no it wont create a problem but if you go for attestation from UAE Embassay then yes it will create problem.

      Always remember to keep same name spellings everywhere. Thanks


  40. Usman akbar

    can you please guide me how long is the attestation from uae embassy valid???

    • Attestation from UAE embassy is valid for life. However, attestation from HEC is only valid for 6 months.


  41. Hello Muneeb,

    First of all thanks for the great article.

    I got the job in Dubai and my employer has all my scanned documents.

    I have sent my documents to HEC for attestation on Nov 23, 2013. After reading your article I think I have two issues in my case.

    1. I didn’t send my inter transcript because when I enrolled in BCOM, Karachi University took my transcript and they didn’t give me back. I asked them but they said its their policy to save the inter transcript. But I sent my inter degree.

    2. My name was mentioned in my Matric and inter is ‘Muhammad Umair’ but after inter in Bcom, MBA, ID card its ‘Muhammad Umair Hashmi’.

    Will the above issues create problem? I heard that if HEC has any objection they returned the documents in 12 – 15 days but its been 20 days and still in the process.



    • Hi Umair,

      1. Forget about transcript. It is not required anywhere. Employers only ask for final degree.
      2. Just get your BCOM and MBA degree attested and make sure the name on your passport is also same as on ID card and degrees then it wont create any problem.
      3. HEC takes time but does not object on name. Exact names are required for embassy attestation only.

      Good luck!


      • Thank you Ahmed bro. I have the same name in my BCOM, MBA, ID Card and Passport.

      • Umair, keep us posted with your experience. It will help other fellows here. Thanks


      • Dear Muneeb Bhai,

        My employer issued the visa. Pleae click the given below link to visit the scan copy.

        As discussed with the employer he would give me visa for 6 months without any contract and after that he would see my expertise and make the permanent employment with contract.

        I need you to ask few questions before asking with the employer.

        1. I still haven’t received my documents from HEC and they are not verified from MoFA and UAE embassy yet. Employer is asking my availability to join their company. Should I wait for my documents and after attestation leave the company or join company ASAP without my documents? What should I tell them? (Documents submitted to HEC on Nov. 25, 2013).
        2. They issued me two months visa and as per conversation they would allow me for 6 months. Should I ask them about it? or they will extent it?
        3. I still don’t know about the accommodation. Will they provide me or should I ask them about it too?



      • Hi Umair,

        Congratulations. Do NOT delay in joining. Join ASAP.

        1. Do not wait for documents to come. He got your employment visa without your attested degree. You can submit it once he signs a permanent contract with him. Tell him you can come within a month’s time.

        2. Ask everything and get everything in writing. Minimum length of an employment is for one year. Your visa will be issued for one year but contract would be for 6 months and once your contract is over then they will cancel your visa.

        3. Here companies do NOT provide accomodation. They might give you a hotel stay for couple of weeks to find an accomodation. To find residence search on – Confirm this with your employer. They should provide you hotel stay.

        Since, you have employment paper VISA then get “protector” certificate before booking your tickets. Protector takes one day only. Read this post:

        Once you get the protector then confirm your availability with your employer but do NOT delay it. You should join within 10 days. Thanks and good luck!


      • Muneeb Bhai,

        First of all thank you very much for such a precious information.

        I asked my employer about residence and hotel stay but they are not providing it. Actually they are not making any contract with me right now. They just told me that join their company for six months without any contract on low salary and after six months they would make a contract. They asked me long term contract before taking my online test but after getting my test they liked it very much and changed their mind.

        I tried to contact people on dubizzle website but haven’t got any response yet. My employer keep asking me the arrival date so that he can book my ticket. My company is located in citadel tower. If you know any person who can share room, please let me know.

        I already have smart NIC with chip. Should I still need NICOP for protector certificate? If yes then NICOP is necessary to have in Dubai or its just for protector certificate? because If it is necessary to take with me then I would pay urgent fee otherwise apply for normal process and would get protector certificate with NICOP token.

        Thanks again,


      • Apply for NICOP on normal fee. For protector you can apply on NICOP’s reciept. Good luck


      • Dear Muneeb Bhai,

        I reached in Dubai on Jan 15. I was very busy and forgot to say thanks to you. You really helped me and helping other people as well.

        I am here in Dubai now, got accommodation near burjuman metro and working in business bay citadel tower.

        I got my NICOP and also got my degree attested from HEC and MoFA,since I was in Pakistan. My brother applied for the verification of my degree to UAE embassy and its also got attested now Alhamdulillah.

        Again Thanks for your help.


  42. ali

    muneeb bhai
    i hav gone through the process of IBCC, HEC verification and MOFA
    my question, m going to bahrain on visit.
    1. Do i need the attestation from the embassy?
    2. How many days it will take. and from this could be fast?
    3. my first plan was to visit dubai so i made CNIC for dubai. but now m going bahrain. does that i.d card will be fine or i should apply for a new one? or protector can help me in it(guided by 1 of my friend)?
    please reply fast i just have 2 days

    • Hi Ali,

      For visit you DO NOT require protector or require NICOP card. Protector is only required when you are going on employment VISA and that VISA is in form of paper (scanned copy)

      1. If you want to do a job in any Gulf country then get your degree attested from embassy of that country. It required.
      2. Check with SASHA company. They will guide you on how many days are required.
      3. No need to change ID card. Its fine. Protector is only required if you have employment VISA in paper form.



    • Hi Ali,

      One more thing. HEC attestation is only valid for 6 months. After that you need to get your degree re-attested from HEC and then required embassy. Thanks


      • Asif

        Dear Muneeb,

        My master degree stamped from HEC in 2009. now i got offer from KSA , do i have to re stamp the degree from HEC again.

        Plz answer


      • Dear Asif,

        Yes, you do. Just go to HEC’s office in ISL (in person) and get it done yourself. HEC’s stamp is valid for 6 months only. Thanks


  43. ali

    muneeb bhai.
    thnxx alot for ur guidance. more questions
    Should i also hav to get attestation of all the degree (matric,inter,bachelor and master) from the bahrain embassy?
    and i only have transcript of master so can i get that attested only?
    what are the requirements of embassy regarding attestation?

    • Ali, Do NOT waste your money to get all degrees attested. Just get your bachelors or master degree attested.

      Get in touch with this company to get requirments of embassy for attestation.
      SASHA International
      2nd Floor Flat # 8, Block No. 16
      LIBRA Market (Khadda Market)
      Near PSO Pump – MARKAZ G-7, Islamabad
      Tel: +92-51-2204469, 051-2204686 – Email:
      Google map coordinates: (33.70261743200274, 73.07481050491333)

      Good luck and keep us posted with your experince. It will help other fellows here. Thanks


  44. Faaiz

    My nephew is going from karachi to UAE on tourist visa for 30 days to find a job. I would like to know should my nephew submit his documents to OCS -Karachi for HEC attestation or take all his documents to UAE and apply for HEC attestation from UAE once he gets an offer.

  45. Faaiz

    by the way he shall be leaving on 10-jan-14 hence does not has much time

    • If your nephew’s final aim is to get job in UAE then there is no harm in getting the documents attested before. It will help you expetide the procurement process later because employement VISA is not issued if degree is not attested.

      Many Thanks!


      • One way or the other you have to get his documents attested from HEC, Ministry of Forign Affairs and then UAE Embassay in Pakistan.


  46. shah zeb

    hi dear muneeb

    from previous 3 or 4 months I create my account in many sites i.e. monstergulf, bayt , dubizzle Dubai uae, jobsindubai etc.
    I receiving mails on daily basis and also applying for jobs but still I have not receive any offer from any employer.
    I had 2 years plus experience in banking field. in the month of February I plan to visit UAE for job.
    is it risky for me to visit uae?
    is it possible that in one month of visit visa I found perfect job for me or not?
    what the process which i followed for searching job there?

    document is already verified from IBCC, HEC and from MOFA. for attestation from UAE embassy degree already handover to someone and tomorrow he would submit it in sasha office.

    Thanks in advance for your kind co-operation as i whilst immensely for your soonest co-operation.

    • Its always risky. But if you can’t take risk you wont be able to succeed.

      Process is simple you come and apply personally. Get in touch with people. I know many people who stayed here for two months, didnt get a job and went back home. so good luck with your attempt. Thanks


  47. Awais

    Dear Munneb,

    Plz tell me is it necessary to attest degree from UAE embassy Islamabad in order to get an employment in UAE.? And if yes than can we attest it before getting a job or after getting a job??
    Your quick response would be highly appreciated..

    Awais Ahmad

    • Yes, it is necessary to get it attested from UAE embassy in Islambad. You can do it without having a job.

      Good luck!


      • Awais Ahmad

        Dear Muneeb,
        One more thing i would like to ask that it is necessary to attest all the educational doucuments from UAE embassy Islamabad or just final degree??


      • Just final (highest) degree but KEEP your original ALL documents (including previous degrees, ID and passport) with you all the time.

      • muhammad kawish khan

        Dear Sir I have done MBA My name is Muhammad kawish khan. but in my matric dmc last name khan was not present,Is they creat a problem for me

      • Dear Khan,

        Check with concerned authorities like SASHA. they are in a better position to guide tou on latest rules. Do keep us posted.

  48. Shizza

    Hi I ve uae resident visa,i want to go fr a school job,my documents r attested from hec .i need attestation from pakistan foreign office n uae foreigh office,issue is,that on my nikkahnamma my my name is shizza faroooq and on my alll degress n passpot ,visa ,id card,my name is shizza abbasi.n ,y father name on all my document n is muhammad farooq khan but on nikahnammma it is farooq khan.will it creat any problem in bechalor n master degree attestation.

    • Ahmed Muneeb

      It should NOT cause any problem for you. Good luck and do keep us posted with your experience so that others can benefit and save their time and hassle. Thanks


  49. Shizza

    Em married n surely instead my father name,my husband name is there on my id n passport now,,,,so will thr b any hurdle in degree attestation

    • Ahmed Muneeb

      No. It shouldn’t be any problem

  50. afzal khan

    dear ahmad muneeb. please advise me on a matter. i am recently offered a job in qatar. they asked me to send scanned copy of my highest degree and pass port. my degree has not been attested yet. they assured me to send me the entry visa shortly. but i am worried as i dont weither the single entry visa can be processed without have it attested.
    best regards
    afzal khan

    • Dear Afzal,

      Good luck with your job. First of all ask your employee does he needs an attested degree or degree without attestation can serve the purpose. Tell them you can bring the attested degree with you later if that works for them. Even some employers asks for your original degree and you can send it to them so that they can apply for your VISA. I do NOT about your employer but do convey this to them clearly that it takes time in Pakistan but make sure you are proactive.

      Keep us posted with your experience. It will help others.



  51. Shizza

    Hi,,,,,,,, i want to make it clear,my husband name on nikkanaam is hassan iqbal but on my id ,passport n viza is sardar hassan nikkahnamma is submitted with degrees to embassy,what can b situation? Though em already uae resident.

    • I hope it should not create any issues but I am not clear about your scenario. Do keep us posted so that it will benefit us all. Thanks


  52. Zakir

    I got 2 questions
    i- Do i have to verify my SSC and HSSC certificate attested too or just Masters
    ii- Do I have to verify experience letter from MOFA

    I would appreciate if you give me urgent response because I have very little time


    • Please do read the comments above….
      Just get your masters attested (but do take all your original certificate with you)
      No need to get your experience letters attested. Its fine.


  53. Hasan Javid

    Salam Muneeb bhai…
    I need some information that I got my degree from UK do I need to attested them from HEC.
    I am going to apply a visit visa for uae for searching a job but I did n’t attested my degree. I am thinking first I get a job offer then I will come back and then attested. is it possible because I do n.t know about the procedure of uae. plz guide me, thanks

    • Hi Hasan,

      To get a job in UAE you need to get your degree attested. I am not sure whether HEC will attest degree from UK or not, but if you got education from an affliated university in Pakistan then HEC should attest your degree.

      Procedure for job is simple. You come here on visit visa with your attested degrees, find a job and they will apply for your employment VISA. Either you continue doing the job or go back to your home country and join back. Simple!

      Good luck!


  54. Usman akbar

    how long is the ibcc attestation valid??

    • Hi Usman Akbar,

      Not sure about IBCC’s attestation but HEC’s attestaion is only valid for 6 months.

      Good luck! Thanks


  55. Hina

    Hi…….i want to ask about my bachelor degree attestation from uae foreign embassy pakistan
    1: what documments required for attestaion from uae foreign office, i mean ,is passport copy ,visa , id card copy required?
    Is nikkahnamma required for attestation coz em married.
    Are ssc n hssc certificate copies also required?
    2: what r working days for uae foreign office in islamabad?
    Is it off on friday n saturday or on saturday n sunday?
    3: what r working days for sasha international in islamabad?
    4 on urgent fee payment ,how many days sasha takes for attestation from MOF Pakistan n UAE embassy?
    5 does UAE embassy teturns papers on same day?

    • Hi Hina,

      1. Alwys keep all original documents (all degrees inluding matric, Intermediate and bachelors) and keep original ID card and passport. Keep atleast one copy of each.
      2. UAE Embassy does NOT accept documents in person. You have to contact SASHA company to get your documents attested from UAE embassy.
      3. Forign office and HEC attestation can be done via OCS and it usually takes 20 working days. Contact your nearest OCS office.
      4. If you are coming on your husband’s visa (i mean if he is sponsoring your visa) then yes, nikkahnamma attestation is required. Otherwise, it is not required.
      5. Sasha’s timings were from 9AM to 5PM and they do NOT work on Saturdays and sundays.
      6. No, attestation from UAE embassy takes time and Sasha can courier your documents once they are attested. It usually takes around 10 working days.
      7. Urgent fee is 60 US Dollars and normal fee is 40 US Dollars.


  56. gogo2208

    hey its me again thanks alot for your early response
    I just want to ask you another question
    I am leaving for UAE IA soon for search of employment and I want to know if I am required to have a medical examination as per UAE rules or not coz I will be aplying for managerial level positions

    • Hi,

      No. Medical is not a compulsion. Once you get an employment here then they will do your medical themselves before VISA stamping (on passport). Thanks


  57. sidra

    Respected Muneeb,
    I want to attest my Bachelor of Architecture degree from HEC and then Saudi Embassy. I had checked your above suggestions. i have one question to ask you again.
    in my CNIC and passport, my father’s name is Ghulam Muhammad while in my documents it’s Haji Ghulam Muhammad. Is it ok?
    one person from HEC said its ok . . . . .
    please guide me in this regard. i am afraid that after doing too much work, may be saudi embassy will deny to attest my documents.


    • Hi Sidra,

      As per UAE’s embassy rules they reject documents with even slight name differences – I am not sure about Saudi embassy (I hope they attest your degrees).

      HEC & MoFA will not have any objection attesting them. Its the rules of embassies to have same name every where.

      Always keep your name and your father’s name same every where. My suggestion is while making your passport ask them to add “haji” with your father’s name and make sure they keep the spelling same as per your bachelor’s degree.

      Good luck!


  58. Naveed Akram

    Dear Sir!
    I have Master Degree in Economics. I want to go UAE . My question is that ” i have to attest my all Degree’s or only Master Degree?
    2) I have HEC attestation but year ago now this time have to pay fee again?
    3) Is there any consultant or agency that verified my documents from HEC,MOFA, and UAE embassy Regards!

    • Hi Naveed,
      All your questions are already answered above (either in comments or in the post)

      1. Just master degree but keep your original documents with you all the time.
      2. HEC and MOFA can be done through OCS or UPS.
      3. UAE Embassy is done through SASHA.

      Please read the post again. All details are already there.


  59. Hi Muneeb,

    First off, your guide is really helpful, since its a quite complicated process, we need guides like these, and its commendable how you respond to each question/comment even after a year of adding this post. Highly appreciated.

    I have a few questions. I have given an interview at a company here in Dubai, and I know that they’re about to ask for my passport copy and photos to apply for my employment visa, once i return back, since currently I am here on Visit visa.

    1) I have all my academic documents here with me, is it alright if i courier my documents to HEC from here, so that i can save some time, and get these verified ASAP?

    2) I have done my MBA, but haven’t collected my degree, for now I have my final transcript. For MBA degree, i have to go to my university to collect, and since I am going back in mid-January 2014, that will additional time. How about I verify rest of my documents for now (Matriculation, Intermediate and BBA), and later I verify my MBA? I am sure my employer won’t create an issue about this.

    3) Also I may have spelling differences for Muhammad in my father’s name in one of my documents, will that create an issue as well?

    Thanks a bunch in advance!

    • Hi Ayaz Noor,

      Many thanks!

      1. Ask your employer to apply for your employment visa even if your degrees are not verified. You can give him original degrees (ONLY if you trust the employer). He can apply your VISA with a lower VISA category (e.g computer operator or something relavent to you field) and later on once your MBA degree is attested then they can change your visa category – You salary will NOT be affected by this.

      2. HEC does NOT accept your degree by courier but if you really want to start this process then send it to your family back home (but first talk to your employer) and they will send it get it done from HEC and MoFA via OCS or UPS courier company and once these two attestations are done then you need to get your degree attested from UAE Embassy which will be done through SASHA.

      3. If you do NOT have your MBA degree with you at the time then get your employment based on your bachelor degree. No need to attest all your degree. Just get your bachelor and master degree attested. (Master degree later when you will get it and bachelor now). Employer DO NOT create issues about it as they know that degrees are issued laters. Very important thing is to keep all your original documents with you all the time.

      4. Name spelling mistake is very minor. It should not create a problem – this should be a lesson learnt and keep name spellings on your kid degree same (everywhere).

  60. hina

    First of al thnx for ur response
    I want to conform,that sasha takes 10 working days for attestation process only,or we can recieve attested degrees in 10 working daz(attestation+delivery both.)

  61. shah zeb

    dear Muneeb

    please share re verification process of degree from HEC.

    • Ahmed Muneeb

      Go to window number 10 in HEC building, Islamabad. They will take your original documents and will return it in a day. To avoid hassles and long queue, you must reach there early morning . . .

      Reverficiation is free of any cost as far as I know. Thanks

  62. usman

    hi I wanted to know that hec atttestaion is valid for 6 months and uae embassy attestation is valid for life, once i get my transcript attested from uae embassy, then even after 6 months it will be usable in uae?? means once it is attested it can be used for ever in uae or still every 6 six months i will have to reattested if i change the job inside uae?

    • Once attested from embassay then it will remain valid for life. No need to attest again and again. Thanks


  63. Heloo Sir

    many thanks plz help me

    Sir my name is Muhammad Ramzan
    and my father name is Muhammad Akram

    on my all degrees matric certificate and intermidiate marksheet and on all educational docoment my name is Muhammad Ramzan Akram but on my CNIC my name is Muhammad Ramzan and on my passport my name is like that (Surname Ramzan and Given name Muhammad)
    i mean to say that my name is on educational document is Muhammad Ramzan Akram and on CNIC and passport is Muhammad Ramzan is this is an issue when i traveled outside from pakistan plz help me.
    father name is Muhammad Akram is all document educational and cnic and passport plz help me.

    • Check with SASHA. They will guide you.


  64. Waqas Ahmed

    Dear Muneeb,

    Thanks for sharing such valuable information. I would be visiting Dubai shortly for employment search. I have a question that I am an ACCA Finalist ( 2 papers left to qualify) and I don’t have a final degree yet. So do I still need to get my part qualification certificate attested from HEC and MOFA.
    Kindly reply at your earliest.


    Waqas Ahmed.

    • Dear Waqas,
      No need. You can only get your final degrees attested later. VISA can be issued without a degree. Thanks


  65. Basit Ejaz

    I have never seen such a great person who is helping humanity without any greed. May Allah bless you bhai.

    • Ahmed Muneeb

      Jazak Allah. Thanks.

  66. shah

    Salam Dear Muneeb Bhai.
    Today I received my attested degree from UAE embassy.
    My question is
    Any verification remaining after verify your degree from UAE embassy.

    • No. As far as I know, you have completed the process. Thanks


      • Aneeq Vohra

        Asalam o alykum Muneeb ,this Aneeq Vohra I have query regarding my attestation if it is possible that you can miss or message me muneeb here I will call you ,I am so upset and worried and don’t have time
        Aneeq Vohra

      • Mr. Aneeq,

        I DO NOT deal with attestations NOR I have any connections and I will not contact you. I can only guide you to get through the process and I have mentioned all the steps above. Good luck! Thanks


  67. Hina

    I recieved my documents attested from hec,MOFA,n uae foreign office pakistan today.thnx for ur i need attestaton from UAE foreign office my school authorities demanded from abudhabi office .
    I need to know.
    1:what documents are required for attestation from abudhabi office,
    2: attestation fee.
    3 do thy return documents on same day?
    4 will i go personally for attestation?or my husband can get this attestaion.

    • Hi Hina,

      To get your documents attested from Ministry of Foriegn Office, UAE here is the process.

      – Bring your original documents (degree) with you here in UAE after all attestation from Pakistan.
      – Go to any Pakistani consulate in UAE and ask them to attest it – They will take 8 dirhams.
      – Then go to Ministry of Foriegn Affairs of UAE in Dubai or AbuDhabi, they will take 160 Dirhams per document for each attestation (which means for degree you need to spend 160 dirhams)
      – Yes, they return it same day at same time. Just follow the queue because there is long queue there.
      – Its better that you go there by yourself but your husband can do it too.

      Good luck!


  68. Azeem Ahmed

    Salam Muneeb,
    I want to know that I have done my BBA Hons from Faisalabad university but basically iam from Karachi I have to submit my verify degree in my office its in UAE so they want a verified degree from UAE Embassy problem is that I verify my degree from HEC but some of my friends says that Ministry of foreign affair Karachi camp cant verify your degree because your degree is belong to PUNJAB so Ministry of foreign affair Islamabad have only authority to verify but when I reached Karachi camp they verify my Degree so now what I do and if there is no problem in MOFA Karachi verification so what is the next step can I stamp my degree in Karachi consulate of UAE or I have to stamp from UAE Islamabad..plz guide me fast I have not much time to submit my verify degree…JazakAllah

    • Hi Azeem,

      Just give your degree to Bukhari travelers in Karachi (as per my knowledge) they deal with getting degrees attested from UAE Embassay. You personally cannot go to embassy these days or you can talk to SASHA company in Islamabad – I have given their contact details in the blog post. You can send your degree to them via TCS with the required payment and they will get it done for you. Good luck!


  69. i want to verify my advanced diploma in accounting business from acca uk.from where should i get verified?british council,hec,mofa or UAE embassy

    • Hi Hanan Ali,

      It is always better to attest from all possible institutes so that you eliminate any potential objections from authorities. Get it done from all of the above in same sequence. Many thanks.


  70. Hina

    First of al thnx a lot…..
    One more thing i want to ask,is it compulsory to go pakistan embassy uae first for attestation,other wise in abudhabi thy will not do it.
    U did nt tell about other documents,required for attestation.i mean for bachelor n master degree attestation,do we need ssc n hssc to take n show in abudhabi foreign office with bechalor n master degrees.
    Passport n id card required?
    Or we need take bechalor n master degrees with me for attestation

    • Hi Hina,

      When I went to UAE’s Ministry of Forign Affairs, Dubai office for attestation of my documents. They asked me to get them attested from Pakistani consulate first. Since, both offices were near (in Dubai) so my time was saved.

      Attestation from Pakistani consulate is not requirement from your school but it is requirement from UAE’s Ministry of Forign Affair in UAE.

      I always suggest everyone to keep all original documents with you all the time (including passport and Emirates ID) there is no harm in taking the original documents. Take all original documents with you although those are NOT required. Thanks

      Good luck!


  71. Hina

    Once again thnxxxxx

  72. xikix

    Assalam o Alaikum
    Doing a great work sir i wanna know few things
    I am moving to Dubai for search of employment within a week and I want to ask you that I have got tourist visa for one month, please tell me if there is any difference in visit visa and tourist visa and will I be able to apply for jobs on the basis of this visa.
    Further I want to know what is the procedure for extending this visa after expiry of one month and for how long you can get extension. please describe it in detail

    Thanx a lot

    • WAS,
      Yes, you can search for job once you are in Dubai and once you get the job then you need to do exit/entry again (visit to Pak).

      Few pointers:
      Before coming to dubai, just get your highest degree attested.
      Once, you get employment visa then get protector certificate from Immigration office.
      For difference between visit and tourist visa check this website:


  73. Atti

    hi muneeb,
    u r doing good job,
    i have an issue regarding degree attestation, there a slight difference in title name of my father on degree’s and my CNIC. my father name appears on my CNIC and Passport is “zulfiqar ali” where as on my all certificates and degrees it appears “hafiz zulfiqar ali” is there any discrepancy will rise or does it ok?
    do UAE Embassy accept the presence or absence in surname of title “HAFIZ”
    kindly help me out from this situation. looking forward for your reply.
    here i mention that HEC has no issue regarding this.

    • Please check with SASHA company. Call them up they will guide you. Thanks


  74. Mariyam Iftikhar

    Dear Muneeb, Asalamoalaikum

    Lovely post, just stumbled across it
    I am applying to a UAE university for undergraduate studies and I have been crammed up by this attestation bullshit since the past 10 days and i am fed up
    Especially considering the point that i have british council degrees, HEC won’t attest them
    SASHA says that the UAE embassy does not directly attest foreign certificates and only their equivalence can be attested ..?
    – Uptill yet i have had my O/A levels certificates attested by british council, attested from MOFA, and equivalence made, now if i personally go to UAE Embassy in ISL will they accommodate personal visit or do i have to send via SASHA or UPS
    – Will going there personally speed up my process, what is the minimum time frame ?
    – UPS says urgent fees are 6900 Rs/- and takes 10 working days for attestation from UAE Embassy, will personal visit make this quicker even by a few day’s difference ?
    – Will the university accept the attested equivalence instead of british certificates provided that my conditional admission offer was on submission of officially certified IGSCE docs.?
    – Is there any other way to have my documents attested

    – there are 10 days left to submit my scan documents and if not done i might never be able to have this education, please help out if you can ..

    Would highly appreciate some kind help, and keep up you’re kind sadqa jaria ..

    Thanks is advance

    • Mariyam Iftikhar

      Muneeb, please help . . ..

      • I have already replied on your other comments. Hope those will help you.


    • Hi Mariyam,

      1. Point 1 is right. You have to get equivalence and get them attested but as far as I know it was for Pakistan only (check this again as I am NOT sure)
      2. UAE Embassy does not accept documents in person. You have do get them attested through SASHA. Give urgent fee (it was 100 USD per document)
      3. No, your personal visit will not make any difference. It will be total waste of energies and money so please avoid that.
      4. Regarding acceptance by the university – For this you have to check with your university.
      5. Just submit your O’Levels degree attested by British counsil and MoFA so that your application is submitted ;-)
      5. No there is no easy way – you have to go through this pain.

      Jazak Allah.


  75. Arslan

    ma ny dubai job k lae aent ko dea ha case. pahlay us ny aak dafa medical aur degree lainay k lea bulaya ha. phir aak baar usnay passport, id card ur picture for protector k lea lee hain. ab vo kah raha ha k aap aa k apne tickets , passport, visa wagara lay jao. halan k ma aak dafa b ambessy nai gaya. kya es tara visa lag jata ha.

    plz must reply

    • Dear Arsalan,

      I am not sure. These agents do all sort of frauds so just remain careful and be safe. Thanks


  76. Omair

    Hi Muneeb, On all my degrees i have my name as Ahmed Omair Habib where as on my CNIC and passport my name is Ahmed Omair and Father’s name is Habib Ahmed. Will HEC verify my degrees? i need to apply for KSA business visa.

    • Omair,

      HEC does not object on name differences its the embassies which have issued. My recommendation is to get your name corrected on your CNIC and Passport so that it does not create any issue for you in future as well. Thanks


  77. Ahmed

    AOA i came back from KSA after resigning my job and now moving to UAE dubai. I want to know should i have to go through medical test in pakistan as requirement of protector stamping? Bcz recruiter told me that if i move from ksa to dubai, then i do not need medical exam in ksa, only when i reached dubai then they will do medical test.

    • Hi Ahmed,
      Yes, it is right.

      You do NOT require any medical examination in your home country. Once, you are in Dubai then they will do your medical. For protector medical is also not required.

      Good luck!


  78. Haris Jafri

    Salam Sir, I live in Karachi and am in ISLAMBAD now for degree verification and have nt taken a time slot. What if I go to HEC office now. I have no other option sir. Kindly reply as soon as possible.

    • Its always better to go directly. Keep us posted with your experience. It will help others to save their time. Thanks


  79. Dear muneeb sir,
    I need your help with regards to the above matter :

    I went on visit visa to dubai and got a job. Now i am back and i have to send M.A degree attested by the above 3 institutions as you mentioned. Sir, the problem is that as per HEC website , for Masters degree attestation we have to submit all documents including marksheets and degrees from matric to masters in original. But i have submitted my original intermediate marksheet for BCOM and then BCOM marsheets for Masters from karachi university. So i dont have original intermediate and bcom marksheets. and i didnt take out my bcom degree as well . But i just want to attest my MA degree which i have. So what should i do at this stage is it necessary that all documents in original are required to be submitted. I have less time as employer only gave me 15 days ? need you help :/

    • Dear Ozair,

      Contact OCS or UPS courier services. They will guide and help you out.


  80. ahmed

    dear muneeeb
    first of all thanks for this great work.
    my question is there is no space on my bsc degree for verification from uae embassy i want to visit uae so what i can do . furthermore i have uncancelled visa of oman which is expired a 6 month ago is there is any problem to get uae employment visa due to this expired visa of Oman..thanks

    • Omani visa will not have any affect on your UAE’s visit visa.
      For degree – check with your local authorities.


  81. Hina

    I want to ask about genninus certificate .
    1: what is genninus certificate?
    Education ministry demands genninus certificate before al degrees are att
    ested from pakistan and uae.why i need genninus certificate.
    2: how to apply and from where to get this certificate?
    3: how much time it takes

    • Hi,
      I have no idea about this one. Never heard about it and no one ever asked for it. May be it only applied to people from other nationalities. Thanks

  82. Hi Muneeb,

    I wanted to know, I just need to verify my Matric and Intermediate degrees verified, right? I can skip the certificates? I understand for Bachelors and Masters I have to very both the transcript and the degree.

    Also, is it possible to complete the 3rd and final step any other way than going to Islamabad? Does OCS or some other courier service offer this service? Can I verify them in Dubai directly?


    • No you cannot get your documents attested from Dubai.
      Yes, please contact OCS or UPS
      Only get your highest degree attested (not transcripts). No need for other degrees.

      Keep all your previous degrees with you during attestation process. They are required. Thanks

      • I’m sorry, I am a little confused, please clarify:

        I need to verify ONLY the highest / most recent qualification, from all three authorities? I recently got hold of my MBA degree, so this is the ONLY ONE that I send to HEC, then MoFA and then SASHA?

        Thank you. And also sorry for asking the same question again and again.

      • Why you are making things complex for yourself? ONLY get that degrees attested from all 3 on the basis of which you want to do your job. Example: if you want to do a marketing job then get your MBA degree attested or else get your bacholor degree attested. Thanks


      • I am asking this in response to the text on the this link from HEC website

        Containing this text:
        Mandatory Documents for Attestation

        Original certificates/degrees from Matric onwards along with transcripts/DMCs
        Original matric certificate
        Original intermediate certificate
        Original degree
        Original transcripts/detail mark certificates (DMCs) showing date of admission and completion of program
        Copy of Computerized Identity Card

        Does it mean that I have to send them all the documents, but they’ll verify the highest qualification by themselves?

      • Dear Ayaz,

        Please check with concerned authorities. Procedures change from time to time.
        Most important thing is to keep all original documents with you all the time. Including all your previous degrees and transcripts and also your birth certificates, domicile etc. If you dont have any document then leave it and try it without it.

        Contact concerned authorities as I am only giving you advice based on my personal experience. Good luck!

  83. Ahmed

    Hi, i am on working visa in dubai and i want bring my children in dubai. My 1st child was born in pakistan and second was born in KSA. Kindly guide me what are the documents requires and from which departments i have to attest for both children. For my child that was born in KSA, i have stamped his birth certificate from forign affairs and embassy of UAE in KSA. Thanks

    • Hi Ahmed,
      I am not sure about requirements about brining children. Please check with concerned authorities. Thanks

  84. Ali Khan

    How to get in touch with Sasha? They are not picking up phone, should I submit my degrees to them personally?

  85. Asghar

    Dear Munned, how are you!
    I am here to confirm that I got attested my provisional certificate of engineering from UAE embassy and got job in UAE but now my degree was awarded to me. Is it required that I also Or my attested provisional certificate is ok for me!!

  86. Asghar

    Dear Munned, how are you!
    I am here to confirm that I got attested my provisional certificate of engineering from UAE embassy and got job in UAE previuosly but now my degree was awarded to me. Is it required that I also have to attest my degree Or my attested provisional certificate is ok for me!!

    • Dear Asghar,
      Yes, you have to get your degree attested from the followings.
      1. HEC
      2. Ministry of Foriegn Affairs in Pakistan
      3. UAE Embassy in Pakistan

      Good luck! Thanks


  87. bader

    Asalam o alikum
    i have some problem there is a little name mistake in my degree (b-tech and DAE) my name is shaikh muhammad bader ud din but in those degrees and marksheets my name is Shaikh muhammad bader uddin there is no space between in (uddin) how can i slove it please help me my id

    waiting for your reply

    • I hope it should NOT create any problem for you as it very minor thing.

      But if you want to get it done then consult your university/college and get name changed. Thanks

  88. waqas ahmad

    1. i have attested all my doct from hec in 2009 and also from MOF.plz tell me reattestion of doct is also from MOF or not. 2. My friend from uae said that all the doct + experiance certificate should be attested from uae embassy.Now tell me what to do. My ques: should all the doct+ experiance certificate must be attested from uae embassy or only my final degree.

    • No need to attest your experience letters. Just get your documents attested. Thanks


  89. waqas ahmad

    only final degree should be attested from uae embassy or also from uae embassy. I am confused what to do plz tell me in detail.

    • Ahmed Muneeb

      Only degreee.

  90. waqas ahmad

    my friend from uae said that experiance letter should also be attested from uae embassy.should experiance letter attested is necessary for job in uae

  91. SAM

    Dear Ahmed Muneeb Sb, Assalamualaikum
    Thank you very much for sharing such informative things publically. I heard that UAE Labour ministry has outsourced immigration process. My employer in UAE is going to apply employment visa for me. I have sent him scanned copies of Passport and Master degree attested by UAE Embassy. There is a little mismatch in the names written on my Passport and on the degree that my degree does not contain my family name “Sardar”, would it be matter in geting employment visa for UAE like other Gulf countries? Your early response will be highly appreciated.
    Thanks and Jazzakullah

    • Dear SAM, They can still get your visa without degree attestation but check with concerned authorities as I can only give my own suggestion which could be wrong as well. Thanks


      • SAM

        Thanks for your reply brother. Sorry for bothering you again but I need your further expert opinion please do the needful. I have Master degree of Computer Science which has already been verified by a) Education & Literacy Department b) Ministry of Foreign Affairs and c) UAE Embassy back in March 2007 and at that time they did not match my full name with the name written on my Passport. Now as you said my employer can get visa even there is difference in the names written on degree and passport, in this condition would I be able to get Protector or they will also demand same names on passport/CNIC as written on the degree? My all degrees do not contain my family name. Thanks in advance.

      • As far as I know (it is just based on my experience) if it is already attested then no problem at all. No need to re-attest it as well but I am not the final authority. Just send your already attested degree to your employer and get your visa.

        Good luck! Thanks


  92. Ahmed

    Hi Muneeb, i want to know about getting residence visa in UAE for my wife. From where Marriage certificate will be attested?? from UAE embassay in pakistan or from UAE? I have already attested marriage certificate from forign affairs in pakistan.

    • Hi Ahmed,
      Read this post:


      • SAM

        Thank you very much Ahmed bhai for your prompt response. I just wanted to confirm couple of things (I think I am little desperate), that Protector authority will not have any objection on
        1) the names mismatch on Passport (with family name) and Degree (without family name), since degree is certified by UAE Embassy, right?
        2) Degree is certified by Education & Literacy Department instead of HEC but UAE Embassy has certified it
        Your early response will be highly appreciated.
        Thanks in advance :)

      • Mr. SAM,
        As I mentioned it already that I am not “THE FINAL” authority and rules also change from time to time so dont consider my opinion as ultimate and final. However, as per my own experience, your case is very clear and there should not be any problem in that. Here are your answers as per my knowledge.

        1. Only UAE Embassy objects on name differences and if it is already attested the there should be no issue at all.
        2. Only UAE embassy’s attestation is what matters most.

        Good luck!


      • SAM

        Thank you very much for your time. I really appreciate your timely responses. Jazakullah

        Insha-Allah, see you in Dubai

      • Ahmed

        My friends told me that i have to attest marriage certificate from UAE embassy in pakistan but in your text only attestation from Mofa pakistan and then from pakistan embassy in UAE & mofa UAE. Plz clarify.

  93. waqas ahmad

    Dear Munir Sb, my friend in UAE said that Experiance letter should also be attested from UAE Embassyg.Plz tell me, should experiance letter Attestation is necessary for job in UAE. Thanks

    • As far as I know it is not required. I have never heard about it but some employers need them attested. Please check with your employer.

      Lastly, my name is Muneeb nor Munir. Thanks


    • Ahmed Muneeb

      Dear Waqas,
      First of all my name is ‘Muneeb’ not ‘Munir’ and secondly you might require attestation of experience letters which solely depends on requirements of your employer. If they are asking for it then yes, get it attested otherwise, there is no need. Thanks.


  94. waqas ahmad

    dear muneeb sb, what is the procedure for experiance letter attestation from MOFA as i am a veterinarian Doctor(DVM).

  95. abbasi

    Hi Muneeb,

    I am going Dubai and my visa is issued and valid till 5 April 2014. I am a web developer and i am going there for job search. I want to go before 15 February but i have not attested my degree or any document form HEC yet. what should i do now ? Today i apply for the attestation of my degree and i found a slot of 24 February 2014. should i wait or go to Dubai without attestation of my degrees and later on if i get job there can i try to manage these process from there ?

    I really really need your help . thanks and reply me back . i will be very thanks full to you.

    • Just go. You already got your visa. Good luck!


  96. SAM

    Dear Mr. Ahmed Muneeb, Assalamualaikum,
    Once again I would like to request you to please share your expert opinion. Can you please guide me whats the procedure to apply UAE residence visa for Parents and an unmarried sister?

    • Ahmed Muneeb

      I am not sure about those. Please check with concerned authorities. Thanks


  97. faizan

    plz ttell me how to attest degree from ibcc and my name on cnic is shaikh muhammad faizan but my degree is muhammad faizan, so is there any problem brother
    please reply. also tell me if i not attest the degree from uae embassy is there any problem for job in uae.

    • No problem in getting job without attested degree. Thanks


  98. Farhan

    Hi dear Salam!
    I need to ask u 1 question that I m going through the process of degree verification from HEC-MOFA-UAE Embassy.

    i have completed my BSc (Hons) from London Metropolitan University (course taught in Khi-College of Digital Sciences) which is endorsed by British Council then verified by MoFA and finally attested by UAE Embassy.

    On the basis of My BSc Foreign Degree I got admission in KASBIT recognized by HEC and competed my MBA program.

    Now, problem is that HEC is not providing any equivalence of my (Bsc Hons) foreign degree as CDS was not recognized by HEC in year 2000 but after 2005 it became HEC registered Institution so, I am unable to get attestation of my MBA degree from HEC.

    I have question that is here any possibility to get verification of my Masters degree from HEC or any relevant authority which is acceptable by MoFA – UAE embassy.

    Looking forward for your kind support.


    • You can get job based on your BSc Hons degree. No need to attest your MBA degree. Thanks


  99. Dear Muneeb,

    I am planning to come Dubai next month. I came to know I have to attest my degrees. Please let me know how UK degree will get attested? I want to attest my masters degree which is UK degree from University of Manchester.

    As HEC would not attest my UK degree so apparently foreign affairs (MOFA) will not attest the degree. And if MOFA not attest UAE Embassy will not attest the same. What should I do? What you did for UK degree?

    Should I straightly go to Bukhari Travels Karachi to get my UK degree attested or do I need to go to British council for attestation. Also advise Masters degree is enough to get attest?

    Appreciate your prompt reply


    • Dear Asim,
      As far as I know, get it attested from the following place.

      1. British council.
      2. MoFA of Pakistan either in Lahore or Islamabad.
      3. UAE Embassy in Pakistan

      First get it done from british council then go to bukhari travels. Thanks


  100. Muz

    Hi Muneeb,

    Hope you are doing well. I have a quick question. I have done my MBA from UK. For now I have send my degree to the british council here in Khi, Pak for attestation purposes. Now, I wanted to know whether I need to send the same to MoFA here in Pak or shall I send my attested degree to UK`s MoFA and then to UK`s UAE Embassy for attestation.

    Kindly confirm the procedure accordingly. Thanks!

    • Once you get your degree attested from British council Pakistan then get it attested from MoFA of Pakistan in Lahore or Islamabad and then from the embassy of country where you wish you go. If you wish to come to UAE then send it to UAE Embassy for attestation. Thanks


      • Muz

        I spoke to Bukhari travels and they said we only work on degrees that are issued within Pakistan. Also, I heard that once I get the degree attested from british council here in Pakistan I need to send the same to UK to MoFA there and then to UAE Embassy UK? Can you please confirm this?

      • Sorry brother, I cannot confirm this because I personally had no experience about it and I am also NOT the authentic source. Please check with concerned authorities and keep us posted with your experience. Thanks


    • SAM

      Hi Muz,
      I am replying little late but might it may concern you. Now rules at UAE have been changed and they made it very simple. Al Hamdulillah, recently, I and two of my friends got our employment Visa and we found that attestation from UAE embassy is no longer required. Although my degree was attested from UAE Embassy back in 2007 but unlike mine, my friends submitted plain photo copy of their final degree without any attestation. Our employer asked us to submit photocopy of final degree, passport and 8 passport size photograph with white background and nothing else. Believe me, just within 5 working days we got approval from labour department and on very next day we got our visa. And even if someone has family name on the passport like Chaudhry, Malik, Sardar, Qureshi etc. but the one doesn’t have on his/her degree, there is no problem at all. Thus, based on recent experience, I think you can just submit your degree without attestation for UK.

      I would also request our brother Mr. Ahmed Muneeb to update his blog, especially the starting paragraph which is written in Red colour as I found it very horrible when I had read it for the first time :)

      • Rules have NOT changed so far.

        Without attested degree you will get visa (for sure) but that visa will be of lowest category (in case of IT person – that visa will be of computer engineer or computer network engineer) but if you want to get visa in the category of computer analyst or computer architect you need to submit attested copies of your degrees.

        Furthermore, the paragraph in RED also remains the same as these are part of rules by UAE embassy in Pakistan. You can give it a try and they will ask you to get your names corrected.

        Lastly, my blog is about my personal experience which is endorsed by thousands of my blog users and their experiences are mentioned in comments.


      • SAM

        Thanks Muneeb for your comments. I shared my recent experience only. Last but not the least, I am also your’s blog frequent reader and I got very precious information from it without any doubt.


  101. Hi ,

    I am holding MBA degree along with engineering degree and got an employement as a engineer in abudhabi . Now pls tell which type of visa i will get if i send both degree to UAE embassy for visa .or you sugeest to send only engineering degree ?

    • Just get that degree attested on top of which you got your job. Thanks


      • thanks muneeb for your prompt reply . Just to know one more thing is there any difference in benefits if i got engineer visa or manager visa ( for MBA degree). Need to confirm since i heard that engineer visa has its merits over other type of visa?

  102. umer

    salam…i want to go for job hunting to Dubai,,,
    i have completed ACCA exams and i have not received yet certificate as i have not completed 3 years of practical experience.before ACCA i have qualified for F.Sc.
    what i have to do?

    • I have no experience of ACCA so cannot guide you. Get some advise from someone who is already in this field. Thanks

      Good luck!

  103. Arshad bangash

    Hello bro i have a question. My transcript is already attested now i want to attest my transcript photocopy. So i have to go through all the process again?

  104. Zeeshan

    I want to go to Saudi.I have a problem about my documents attestation.The name of my father is “Sarwar Khan” on my ID card and passport and it is written only “Sarwar” on my all documents.Is it acceptable during attestation at any stage?
    And I have only mark sheets of bcom and f.a not sanad or degree.Please guide me in this matter

    • Dear Zeeshan,
      Check with SASHA. They will guide you. Thanks


  105. taha khan

    Ahmed Sahab I Am A Smoker Of Ciggrates,
    Now What Do You Think,
    Am I Passing My Medical Test.
    Also Plz Tell Me Where Can I Get It Done From Karachi (Medical) ?

    • Taha,

      Smoking is bad for health. I wish to see you quit smoking asap.
      Medical test is about TB not about smoking so if you are carrying any TB viruses you can pass the medical test

      Again quit smoking soon!! Thanks


  106. Taha Khan

    Sir I’ve Got My NIC-OP Token (Normal),
    But It Says “This Recipt Is Not Meant For Protector Or Visa Processing”
    Why Is That So,
    Now How I Am Going To Get My Process Getting Started Of Protector ?
    And Thankyou For Your Replies And This Blog It Is Really Helpfull

    • Wait for your NICOP to come. Only then you can get your protector process started. Good luck!


      • mobinarahman

        but as far as i know , if the slip of NICOP has a stamp from nadra office for the issuance of the protector then the process can be start. because i did same for this matter and going for the protector with the NICOP slip only .

  107. Hira adnan

    Dear Ahmed muneeb sir,
    Im in big trouble:( recently i got job offer letter in uae now im in pakistan for attestations. problem is my father’s name is not same as on my NIC but on all my documents is same
    on documents is muhammad aslam and on id with addition of khalid
    i have visited nadra office today they tell me that it takes about 4-5 months for all corrections :(
    is there any other way to attest by hec because 1 of my frend tell me that sasha is only in pak that can do that ,:(
    sir please guide me im in big tension this is the matter of my family
    and i have just 15 days to report them back

    • As per my limited knowledge – Just send your degrees without attestation. Your employer will be to get your visa. Good luck!


      • Yes, talk to your employer about your situation and he can get the visa without degree attestation. My employer got my visa without attestation as well. Just send your scan copies to them.

  108. waqas ahmad

    dear muneeb sb. I want to attest ssc and hssc certificate from uae embassy. My question is that i attested the ssc and hssc docts from ibcc in 2009. Is reattestion is necessary for my documents for uae embassy attestation.

    • No. SSC and HSSC re-attestation is not required again. Thanks


  109. Taha Khan

    Sir my friend visited saudia couple of years ago he have the NICOP Written Saudia Arabia On It,
    And It Is Going to expire in 2018,
    now he is moving with me to UAE,
    Does He Have To Make New NICOP For UAE ?

  110. Mushtaq ahmed

    is passport is necessary for all these attestation?

    • No. It is only required for attestation from UAE Embassy. Thanks


  111. zeeshan

    Asslamualaikum. i hv done…..i want to know wether just my degree attestation is enough for the job in U.A.E or i have to get all certificates attested like and Matric.

    • Matric pass people are also here doing jobs and there are people who are doing white collar jobs based on simple diplomas. Good luck!


  112. zeeshan

    Asslamualaikum…..Muneeb bhai ur doing a fabulous job for youngsters may allah reward u for this…mjy yeh jan na hai k meri digree hec sy attested hai aur MoFA sy b…to kya main u.a.e embassy islamabad ki bjay dubai main kisi jga sy attest krwa skta hun…..means dubai ja k….cz meri 2 din baad flight hai. aur sath yeh b k hec sy 6 months sy zyada hogay attest krway degree ko….to kya wahan sy attest krwa kr phir sy MoFA sy b re attest krwana hogi embassy k liye …plsss um really confused about this. waiting for ur reply.thnx

    • Can you post your problem in English? I cannot read this roman urdu :)


  113. naseer

    dear muneeb ASA,
    MY question is that my name on cnic/passport is “naseer ud din humayun” where as my name on degree and all certificates is “naseer ud din hamayoon” degree is verified from hec,mofa and university..i have to attest my degree from saudi culture/embassy pakistan. will they create any issue on last name spelling mistake.??

    kindly reply soon. regards

    • No issues. Good luck! Thanks


  114. taha

    Sir my friend visited saudia couple of years ago he have the NICOP Written Saudia Arabia On It,
    And It Is Going to expire in 2018,
    now he is moving with me to UAE,
    Does He Have To Make New NICOP For UAE ?
    He Also Have The Protector Of Saudia On HiS Passport So if He Have To cHANGE Aur iT will Be the same

    • Im sure that you require a new protector since you visa is changed. But I am not sure about NICOP. I think you need that too. Thanks


      • naseer

        dear you told that minor spelling mistake is ignored by saudi culture/embasy…have to seen any case..???
        reply soon

      • You can try your luck but as I mentioned in every comment that I am NOT the final authority nor I know the latest rules.

        Rules do change from time to time. Check with concerned authorities rather than getting in touch here n there and end up talking with wrong/fraud guys.

        Good luck and do keep us posted with your comments. Thanks


  115. Dear Mr Muneeb Assalam o alikum
    i am imran Ali Khanzada I have Done MBA HR I don’t Know How to process our Documents To Dubai for Work Permit pleas guide me & tell me about procedure
    i need your advise pleas its my cell number =923326289161
    Email :

    • Dear Imran,

      Step 1: Find a job and get selected after passing through interview.
      Step 2: Send your attested highest degree (after attestation from HEC, MoFA and UAE Embassy) to your employer. They will process your visa.
      Step 3: Book your tickets and get “ok to board” stamp.
      Step 4: Once you get your visa & ticket then get protector certificate.

      Most importantly: I am not an agent nor I work for anyone. Neither I take money nor anyone’s documents. I just posted it as per my experience to help my fellow Pakistanis to avoid “pain”. I already wrote the procedure here but if you want me to find a job for you in Dubai then I am sorry. I don’t do that. You have to find a job on your own.

      Good luck! Thanks


      • naseer

        sir kindly reply about my question..thanks

      • Replied. Check your earlier comments. Thanks


      • dear muneeb.i asked you because i think u might now about embassy rules or you see such casese.


      • Check with concerned authorities please! Thanks


  116. Amnah

    hi. for urgent fee , how many days SHASHA exactly takes? plus after verification they deliever the document or we have to collect ourselves?

    • Please check with SASHA. Call them on their number but call them exactly at 9 and keep trying. They usually are very bad at attending phone and most of the time the phone is damn busy. However, as far as I know it was 5 working days and fee was 100 USD. Good luck!


    • use ups courier service.they take 5 to 7 working days in normal case and charge for 6900 rupees available in many cities .visit ups paktisan

  117. Amnah

    If i need to send my original degree after all three attestations for visa application? or I am supposed to send scanned copy ??

    • Only send your scanned copy (both side) it should be enough. Thanks


  118. jawwad

    hi friends, my name on cnic is shaikh muhammad jawwad and on my inter(hsc) degree is muhammad jawwad. first i attested my degree from ibcc secondly mofa finally uae consulate.
    ALHAMDULILLAH my degree is attested without and problem..

    • Thanks for the info. Thanks


  119. Amnah

    thanks muneeb. May Allah bless you and increase your knowledge and strength. Ameen

  120. Can I attest UK diploma attested by British council in pakistan from UAE embassy?

    • Not sure. Please check with British Council. Thanks


  121. SAM

    Dear Mr. Muneeb,
    Al Hamdulillah i have steped in to UAE. I got my medical and Labour cards and visa stamp on passport as well. Thank you very much for sharing your experience and knowledge with us.


  122. adnan

    I have old-2005 marriage certificate which was in urdu attested by foreign affair pakistan. in the start of 2011 it was translated into english than attested by foreign affairs pakistan, paskistan embassy abu dhabi and then finally by UAE Foreign affairs. This was all done at pakistan embassy Abu dhabi. Now i need to know if i need to get the nadra computerized marrigae certificate or not?Or would that be enough to apply my wife’s residency visa

    • Old one should be enough. Good luck! Thanks


      • adnan

        Great. Thank you for prompt reply. You are doing a wonderful job out here.

  123. Abu Owais

    I have my bachelors (commerce) degree attested from following authorities:

    1. Higher Education Commission
    2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    3. Ministry of Education
    4. Saudi Culture

    My question is that am I required to get it attested from Saudi Embassy Islamabad also. For your information I am applying for Job Visa to KSA.

    Will be grateful for your quick reply.


    • Check with your employer. Whatever his requirement is. Generally you need attestation from Embassies as well. Thanks


    • dear for saudi culture attestation you personally go there or through agent ?

  124. Maqsood Ahmad

    Dear Muneeb.
    I have passed and now want to go to dubai for job, i want to help me in matter of attestation that which documents are necessery to be attested. SSC, HSCC from IBCC too or, Bachelor from HEC too Or Only Master From HEC< MOFA< And Embassy of Gulf.

    • Dear Maqsood,
      Process is already written above and same questions is replied to many people in above comments. Please refer to them. Thanks


      • Maqsood Ahmad

        Sir i mean that is it necessary to attest all ssc, hssc,, degree and dmcs OR to attest only and only Master degree

      • Only attest Masters degree. But keep all original degrees with you during all processing. You also require to keep your original CNIC and passport during attestation process. Thank you


  125. Amir Khan

    HI Muneeb,

    Hope you are doing well your help to all is really impressive.

    My company where I am doing job in Pakistan Karachi is offering me a job in their UAE office but they currently they have labor visa only and saying that they will convert it later according to my job, further I requested them to provide me family status they said they are not offering family status at this stage to any one what they can do is that they will provide me NOC for dependent visa salary is more than 5000 Dirhams.

    Please advise that in the above circumstances would it be possible for me get my wife there for like 1 to 2 years (my job visa duration including leaves) not on visit visa. further what is the impact of VISA profession UAE as I know about Saudia that only doctor engineer etc profession holder can have their wife in Saudia.

    • Dear Amir,

      Yes, you are right. There are certain restrictions for sponsoring family visa (example salary should be greater than 5K AED). I have not heard about this NOC thing so I cannot advise you on this. Furthermore, anyone in UAE can have his family here (its not like Saudi) Good luck


    • if some one here who attested his degree from saudi culture and embassy recently and there is a case of spelling mistake in his/her name on degree and they ignored it and attest degree ..kindly share your experience .

  126. mobinarahman

    Aslam o alikum ,

    I read/heard that UAE allow for the resident visa for parents if a sponsor person met all the requirements that is the 20K AED /monthly salary and accommodation of two beds. Further I read that abu dhabi have such stringent policies so far ?

    Further what would be the minimum salary required and documents for this procedure .

    Your reply in this regard is eagerly awaited .


    • Dear Mobina,

      As far as I know (this is NOT authentic) 20K Salary cap is not correct. It is 12K or above but yes 2BHK on your name and electricity bill on your name is MUST and EJARI is must. I think the following documents. If you want to apply for residence visa of parents then. . .

      1. Copy of passports of everyone.
      2. Copy of your visa.
      3. Copy of rental agreement.
      4. Copy of Ejari.
      5. Salary certificate
      6. NOC from your sponsor (it might not be required)
      7. Copy of last electricity bill (or electricity connection receipt)

      You can bring them here on visitor visa (30 days) and for that nothing is required. You just need to do security deposit against each visa which is refundable. Good luck! Thanks


      • mobinarahman

        What i conclude you mean to say I should own an apartment/house of 2BHK ?
        means a renting apartment of 2BHK is not enough if it has EJARI ?

        Pls confirm.

  127. mobinarahman

    What i conclude you mean to say I should own an apartment/house of 2BHK ?
    means a renting apartment of 2BHK is not enough if it has EJARI ?

    Pls confirm.

    • NO. Just get it on rent (from authorized dealer Example NAKHEEL in International city) and then get EJARI. No need to buy anything :)


  128. Sarmad Hussain

    Aslam o alikum ,

    I have 2 questions.

    1. My father name in my SSC, HSSC, and in my B.Sc degree is MUSADIQ HUSSAIN. But only in my passport, it is written MUSADDIQ HUSSAIN (double D). Can it makes rejection from HEC, MOFA or UAE embassy? If yes, then give me easy solution.

    2. I am faisalabad resident so give me easy, cost effective and time saving way to get my degree attested from HEC, MOFA and UAE embassy (i dont want courier service, i want to go myself). Plz suggest me offices(addresses and cities) so that I can fill the online HEC form for slot and tell them the city and timing for attestation.

    finally, thanks a lot for your reply and kind attention.

    • I hope it will be not be a problem but since I am not the ultimate authority. You need to talk to authorities. Thanks


  129. shah zeb

    salam dear muneeb bhai.

    dear let me know that approximately how much cost came on one month visit. if you live with someone there in UAE.

    • One month visit cost (approximate)

      600-1000 Dirhams for shared accomodation including internet and electricity
      300 Dirhams for travelling (other than taxi)
      700 Dirhams for food (depends on what kind of food you eat)
      1400 Dirhams for air travel (return ticket from Lahore to Dubai)

      This is with a very basic life style. No luxury. Good luck!


  130. shah zeb

    boss thanks for your kind attention. you are doing such a wonderful job may Allah SWT help you at each and every stage of your life. Ameen

    Dear I exchange 6000 UAE dirham.
    as per your above comments I think said amount is enough for me to visit UAE for one month.

    boss I have done my MBA (finance) in 2011 having over two years working experience in United Bank Limited Pakistan as a branch operation manager.
    I have already attest my documents from board, IBBC, University, HEC, MOFA and finally from UAE embassy.

    what’s the procedure to find a suitable position related to my field and experience???
    without any reference………..
    as I hear that if you know someone who is doing white color job they help you and you find job easily……

    Thanks and Regards
    Shah Zeb

    • Since, you do NOT have any experience to work in Middle east so you have to start fresh. Everyone who comes here starts as “fresh”.

      Find some references in banks and give them your profile. There are many recruitment companies in Dubai. They recruit people in multinational companies so contact them. Try insurance companies as well. 6K should be enough. Good luck!


      • shah zeb

        Dear respected!
        I am regular reader of your blog….. as some days before you I asked that how to finds a suitable job related to my field and experience….. bro your comments is above..

        and yesterday you wrote below comments for Mr. Qaisar.

        ”I would recommend you to get some experience in Pakistan and then try for job outside Pakistan. It will broaden your vision and will help you in your career growth. Without any experience, you will not get any job here. However, decision is yours. Good luck! Thanks”

        so i think you got my question………….. for me which one is correct?????

        Thanks and Regards
        shah zeb.

      • Dear Shahzeb,

        Mr. Qaiser has no working experience in Pakistan also. I suggested him relevant to him and I suggested you relevant to your situation. I hope, I have answered your query. Thank you


  131. shah zeb

    boss again thanks for your response.

    pl share a few recruitment agency… as I already done registration in many agency i.e. bayt, monster gulf, dubizzle Dubai UAE, jobs in Dubai, gulf recruiting etc. and I applying from here since 2011but just three time i shortlist for interview and venue for interview is in Dubai.
    on which base recruitment agency hiring????
    is there any fee or free of cost they providing services????

    dear as i early share that i have not any strong reference there…….so without reference should it possible or not????

    Thanks and Regards
    Shah Zeb

    • If you have a reference then it will definitely be a huge plus point. If not then try your luck. You have to list down all recruitment agencies by yourself. Use linkedin and other social media sites and do personal visit to them in their office and drop your resume there.

      Good luck!


    • Try your luck.
      I cannot help anyone in getting job neither this blog post is about job so please check on other forums. Thanks


  132. I am repeatedly answering same questions so all of you are requested to please read all comments above before writing your question here. I am sure, you will find the answer you are looking for. Good luck!


  133. Baber

    Dear muneeb,
    Your blog is very helpful.If the Employer has already issued the employment visa paper based without demanding the degree attestation from UAE.My employer is only saying that you attest your final degree from HEC but my employer is saying to take the Original degree to Dubai So what you say that this employment visa is ok? I mean then where UAE Attestation will be required? for getting labour card once reached in Dubai or Also can Employer make it possible to issue the Labour card without UAE Degree Attestaion. All i am worried is that My employer is nver asked me to attest degree from UAE Embassy.Plz reply on urgent basis.



    • Dear Baber,
      Your question is same which is already answered twice in my blog.

      Anyways, yes, it is possible to get the visa without attested degree but that visa will be of lowest visa category. Example: If you are in IT field then you might get visa with designation “computer operator”. Just join this employer and get your degrees attested meanwhile. When you will change your job then you can submit attested degrees. Thanks


  134. Muhammad Waseem

    Assalam-u-Allaikum dear Ahmed Muneeb,
    Respected Sir,
    I want to get some information from you that at my Matric Degree and CNIC as well passport my father name is Mahar Haq Nawaz but on other all degrees name is Haq Nawaz…. Just ‘Mahar’ is not present on F.Sc’ B.Sc’ M.A degrees.
    Because CNIC made from Matric degree so that is why it has Mahar Haq Nawaz as at Maric and Passport from CNIC and there also Mahar Haq Nawaz…
    kindly guide me as soon as possible.
    i shall be thankful to you.
    Muhammad Waseem

    • Dear Waseem,

      You can first try your luck by contacting ‘SASHA’ otherwise, do as they instruct you. Thanks


  135. Baber

    Dear Muneeb,

    Thanks for your reply.But you did not get my point.Employer is sending me the Engineer Employment visa paper based and for this my Employer has already paid 10,000 to 15,000 Dirhams to immigration as it is confirmed because i have the close the company.Employer is saying that i get the attestation from HEC and come to dubai with my original Degree.they did not ask to attest from Uae embassy. Also, my employer is saying that Uae embassy attestation is not needed as Uae Embassy attestation is only Employer (Company Requirement) but not must required for issuing engineer Visa or any other visa. If Company (Employer) is satisfied (Confirmed) then no need of Uae Embassy Attestion as Dubai Immigration does not need UAE Embassy Attestation.Plz Reply me, i am really confuded.

    • Dear Baber,

      Do exactly what your employer says. However, keep in mind that UAE Embassy’s attestation is required. My suggestion is to get HEC and Ministry of Forigen Affair’s attestation then scan your degree from both sides and submit your original degree for attestation from UAE embassy to Sasha…and come to Dubai. Sasha company will courier it back to UAE via TCS. You will get your degree in Dubai within a week from SASHA and you can ask your employer to hold for one week.

      Thats a clean and easiest way out. Good luck!


  136. Dear Muneeb ,
    Nice initiative and a special bundle of thanks for posting such a nice master piece to avoid ” Khawari” :). I am sure it will be helpful for everyone who go through all comments. Keep it alive and try to add up some other issues.


    Saad Ahmed

    • Jazak Allah. I hope it will help you. Thanks


  137. Ahmed el bellucci

    Hi , I completed by High School in Karachi , then I got a job in UAE , I moved to UAE and din’t get my certificate Attested by MOFA nor UAE Embassy . Fortunately I wasn’t asked for original copy of School Certificate , Now that I got a new job offer , They wanted the original School Certificate (attested from UAE Consulate in Karachi ) , I sent my Certificate to a friend of mine to get it attested , They got it attested from MOFA and UAE Consulate , and I then took it to Pakistani Embassy in UAE and got it attested as well , the only thing remains is to get it attested from MOFA in UAE , someone said me that the UAE Consulate stamp looks fake and its looks blur and unclear , If I go to MOFA (UAE) for attestation and if the attestation from UAE consulate is fake I might get caught and put in prison , I tried to contact my friend who did the work for me and he said he too isn’t sure if the UAE Consulate Stamp is original or no because he paid someone to get it done for him . Now I really have no idea what to do as I can loose my job if I didn’t get it attested from MOFA (UAE) and I can get in prison (if that’s fake ) , so now I want to make sure if the UAE consulate (Karachi ) stamp is Original or fake . Any help would be appreciated . Thanks !

    • Dear Ahmed El Bellucci,

      Unfortunately, I am not in a position to advise you. ALWAYS remember to go in person and get it attested yourself. This could lead you in trouble if the stamps are fake and I am not the right person to help you out. Please check with legal consultants or with concerned departments. Good luck! Thanks


  138. Fakhar

    Dear Muneeb,

    I have completed my B-Tech (Hons) Electrical Degree from Mehran University in 2011. In this Degree the university did not show my complete name which is S. M. Fakhar ullah Kazmi instead of Syed Muhammad Fakhar ullah kazmi, while in my all degress of masters and others, there is complete name. Kindly tell me that Will the correction be required?

    • Dear Fakhar,

      Please check with SASHA they will guide you and IA things will be in your favor. Thank you


  139. Mlaik Asif

    Hi Muneeb,

    This is Asif here; i have a question to you that i am currently doing my BA from Karachi uni and working in a bank with sufficient work experience in IT department. Currently one of my friend of mine in Dubai refer me to one of the our-source company in Dubai that work for banks.

    The Contractor ask me that Without the HRD/UAE Embassy certified Certificate they Can’t Process your documents.

    Since my graduation is not completed yet nor any Technical Diploma certificate I have. However I got informed that my Intermediate or Higher Secondary School Certificate is equivalent to High School Diploma internationally and is being attested by the UAE consulate too for Clerical type visa.

    Therefore kindly advise if there is any chance to process the visa on my Higher Secondary School Certificate? Consequently I will place the UAE consulate attested certificate to the contractor accordingly.

    Looking forward to hear you soon on above stated query.

    kind Regards,
    Malik Asif

    • Dear Malik Asif,

      Yes, you can get a job based on your secondary school certificate. Please get it attested since, that is your ONLY acceptable degree and after attestation send it to your employer for VISA processing. Thanks

      Good luck!!


  140. Ayaz

    Hi Mr Muneeb,

    I am glad to tell you that following your prescribed procedure, I now have my degree verified from the HEC, now the next two step are left, and since I am out of Pakistan, my brother would be handling this.

    For MOFA, i think that would not be much of an issue, I think I’ll have to give my brother an authority letter to take care of the matters.

    For SASHA, I am a bit confused. Will my brother physically have to go the SASHA head office in Islamabad, or is there an alternative way. We’re based in Karachi by the way.

    Thanks once again for your details procedure, I am sure it has helped many people including myself.

    • Dear Ayaz Noor,

      For SASHA, I would recommend that you talk to them directly. My personal recommendation is to go their personally. It is always better as ‘degrees’ are very sensitive documents. Good luck!!


  141. TAHA KHAN

    Assalam O Alikum
    In UAE Now This Blog Helped Me Alot Thanks To Everyone Specially Ahmed Muneeb,
    Some Things I Want To Share These Are :

    For NICOP : Dont Go For Smart Card NICOP Its A Waste Of Money, And Also Dont Go For Urgent Just Make The Simple NICOP And Get The Recipt. It Will Help In Process Of Protector, Dont Get Worried That The Receipt Says “This is not for protecter processing” its only written but protector office accept the receipt and stamp the protector on your passport.

    For Protector : An easy thing to do Go By yourelf to the office of the protector, dont involve any travel agents in it , will cost you 11000 but if you go by yourself it can be easily easily easily done in 6500+150 rs. and believe me you’ll find the protector office crew very helpfull in khi.

    Medical : My Comment On That As I EXPERIENCED For UAE You Dont Need It (Except Your Company Says It To You “Specially”)

    • Dear TAHA KHAN,

      Thank you for the comments. I am sure, it will help others. People like you must come up and share their experiences. Thank you


  142. Abrar Arshad

    AoA Brother,
    I am currently working in KSA, and to change my profession i send all my degrees to Pakistan for attestation.But now there is a complication, that my Father name is Arshad Ali in my CNIC and Passport, but it is Muhammad Arshad Ali Bajwa in my educational certificates.Is there any way to attest my degrees like this.

    Please Advise.

    • WAS,

      Plz check with SASHA company and try your luck. Otherwise, you have to correct the names. Thanks


  143. kashif khan

    Muneeb bhai you are doing an excellent job..
    i have taken a lot of guidance from yur blogs.i want to inquire one thing.I have a minor name issue.the name on my degree shows KASHIF NUSRAT while on my passport and NIC, its KASHIF NUSRAT KHAN…fathers name is the same…HEC and MOFA have been done. I have talked about this issue to an agent in Lahore. He says the UAE embassy will attest the degree and its not a problem. My question to you is suppose i get my degree attested from UAE EMBASSY then obviously my employer will use this for issuance of employment visa…would this name difference on passport and degree create any problem for me during processing in UAE( although it has been attested from UAE embassy Islamabad)

    • Dear Kashif,

      Check with SASHA company and try your luck otherwise do as they guide you. Thanks


    • Furrukh R.

      Dear Kashif,

      Please let me know if your documents were attested by the embassy or not as I have a similar issue.

      Waiting for an urgent reply.


  144. qaisar farooq

    U R DOING GREAT JOB plz help me
    my name spellings are different on all educational certificates
    similarly my father name: boota, botta, butta, passport and id: boota
    my compelete name on passport and id: qaisar farooq gill
    father name: muhammad boota gill
    what should i do, i am very upset.

    • Dear Qaisar Farooq,

      Please check with SASHA company and first try your luck with them. Otherwise, do as they direct you. Thanks


  145. Patel Mohsin Najirbhai

    I need work visa for gulf or any country I have I year expiriance for employee…

    • Dear Mr. Patel,

      I do NOT sell visa neither I have any contact who can do this for you. Please try your luck on job portals. This post is just to highlight the process. Good luck! Thanks


  146. qaisar farooq

    Thank you muneeb bai for previous reply.
    i want to find a job in uae. i did (B.COM) in 2000. i did (M.B.A) IN 2007. my problem is that i do not have any work experience. can i get low level office job with less salary or even without
    salary for sometime on visit visa. so after having some experience i can find good job.
    plz give your expert opinion.

    • Dear Qaisar,

      I would recommend you to get some experience in Pakistan and then try for job outside Pakistan. It will broaden your vision and will help you in your career growth. Without any experience, you will not get any job here. However, decision is yours. Good luck! Thanks


  147. qaisar farooq

    there is seven years gap between my last degree and 214. if i mention few years fake eperience in my resume,what will be my chance to get job in uae?

    2ndly, my qualification is B.COM AND M.B.A(HR), in which functional area i should gain eperience because i have to start from scratch.which jobs are highly demanded in uae for MBA holders
    thanks in advance.

  148. There is no online time slot available by HEC Lahore regional centre when should I go??
    If I can not reach on due day should I have to resubmit online to extend my due date??

    My real problem is that I have due date 07-04-2014 on my bank challan but I could not reach to pay challan fee , Now question is whether I have to re-apply online, so that new date of challan is obtained, or may I pay challan after due date???

    • Dear Waseem,
      Go to ISL and get it done by yourself on urgent basis. Thank you


  149. qaisar farooq

    there is seven years gap between my last degree and 214. if i mention few years fake eperience in my resume,what will be my chance to get job in uae?

    2ndly, my qualification is B.COM AND M.B.A(HR), in which functional area i should gain eperience because i have to start from scratch.which jobs are highly demanded in uae for MBA holders
    thanks in advance

    • Do NOT fake anything. Do NOT Lie – Earn honest and HALLAL earnings. Good luck!


  150. Muahammad usman

    hello sir

    i want to know that i have MBA marketing and 3 to 4 year exp in marketing,advertising and customer services it will be good for me to come to Dubai for job now a days because of expo opportunities and what wil be the best way to apply through internet same time when u r living in Dubai or by in person

    • Come on visit visa and try your luck in person. Thanks


  151. muhammad usman

    which city is most important for finding a job related to MBA??

    • This is NOT a job portal. Please check job portals. Thanks


  152. Dear muneeb,

    Bro i have some questions if can plz help me
    1. I have passed my bsc (hons) from oxford university london. I am from pakistan. And i am in pakistan now. I will get my degree in 2-3 months time as a unversity policy, they post degree after 2-3 months. But i have a university letter stating that i have passed my bsc(hons) . And they will verify it if some one ask them. They will verify it that i have passed my bsc(hons) , now i am going dubai for job search, do i have to attest that letter which is confirmg my degree, or i have to wait for my degree? It will take 3 months if i wait :( ???

    2. Do i have to attest my previous education , like my ACCA( part qualified), O-levels , diploma ?

    • Dear Zeeshan,

      I would advise that do proactively let your employer know about it (whoever it would be).

      1. Wait for your degree and meanwhile, get your last degree attested (may be O-Level).
      2. If you get your degree attested then no need to get other certificates attested.


  153. Muhammad Imran Kan

    AslamOAalium Muneeb hows you man
    I have question i know many of people who have fake bachelors & Master degree and also they already attested them from all of ORG. So what would you say , if any1 have fake degree they can attest them from all of ORG ???
    Kindly tell me

    • WAS,
      Sorry I cannot suggest you anything related to fake documents. That is against LAW and this is NOT a forum to discuss rules and law related matters. I just want you to be honest and earn HALLLA earnings. DOn’t go that way! May Allah Bless you. Good luck!!


  154. Kamran Ali

    Dear Muneeb,
    Recently i have come from Dubai.My name is Kamran Ali Bhatti and my Father name is Faqeer Ali.My company has forwarded my documents for employment visa.Now its been 3 weeks.and I have come to know that embassy has stopped my visa because of this repetition of Ali name…I have found that Shia people are not allowed to work in UAE.But i am not Shia,,I am Ahl e Sunnat…I have not received the rejection yet.Just yer,,,Dear Plz tell me wat can i do to stop my rejection???Is there anyway???

    • Dear Kamran,

      I have no idea about this. Please check with concerned authorities. Good luck! Thanks


  155. akther

    Is HCV test included in pre-departure medical tests for UAE?
    Is it mandatory now-a-days to have test done from GAMCA GCC Medical Center? If it is, will UAE Work Visa not be issued if GAMCA gives UNFIT certificate due to only HCV+?

    • Dear Akhtar,

      As far as I know, your medical is done in UAE once you reach here. I am NOT sure, whether the process has changed or not. Check with authorities rather than relying on information which is present over the internet. Thank you


  156. faizan zafar

    salam muneeb bhai…muneeb bhai my question is that k alhamdulillah my degree are attested from saudi cultural and saudi embassy and also alhamdulillah got aatested frm hec,mofa isalamabad and mofa karachi my degree has gone to embassy for visa processing but da thing is that the mofa ka sticker ismalabd wala degree se lose ho kr ukhar gaya but mofa karachi wale sticker maujud hain so muje ye jan’na hai k koi masla tou nai hoga visa processing me ?? plz kindly bat den m so worried wese js agency k through ja raha hn unho ne tou koi objection nai lgaya but phr bhi m wooried…..i have done my b.e frm karachi city..!!!!

    • Check with authorities. I do NOT have any personal experience of it so I cannot guide you. Good luck!


  157. Zee

    Salaam. Im from uk. Company has offered me a job in Dubai. Everything went well until my work permit got rejected. I think it due to my surname Ali? Im a sunni. Company is trying to find out why it got rejected. They going to re apply. Any advice?

    • Dear Zee,
      Ask your company for the reason why your visa got rejected? There could be some other reason as well. I will NOT be able to help/guide you any further on this. Good luck! Thanks


  158. Thank you very much brother for sharing this info. God bless you.

  159. Uzair

    I have done MBA from University of Aberdeen, UK. Furthermore, I did my BBA from FAST, Karachi. I am getting a job in Dubai but I need to submit my documents for visa processing.

    I am confused about my degree attestation. Since my last degree is from UK and I am currently in Karachi, Pakistan. What should I do?

    • Get MBA equivalence and then get that attested from HEC, MoFA and UAE Embassy in Pakistan.
      In parallel, get your MBA attested from British council, MoFA and UAE Embassy in Pakistan.


  160. Faraz

    Dear Muneeb,

    I hope you are fine. Today I sent an embassy attested copy to My Employer and they told me that your documents should also be attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE. It is a very strange requirement. I searched over internet and this facility seems to be available in UAE although on the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE website it states that attestation authority “Attestation centers abroad: official diplomatic missions” but I think this might not be possible while I am still in Pakistan. I am told by employer that without this attestation it will not be possible for them to apply for my Technology Specialist Visa. If you have any information in this regard please do let me know.


    • Dear Faraz,

      You need to get your documents attested. What’s strange in that? It is a requirement.

      Just get your documents attested from HEC, MoFA and UAE Embassy in Pakistan and then send it across to your employer. Thanks


  161. Sikandar Azam

    Salam, I want to know that what will be the equivalency for 2 years BBA in UAE ?

    • Please check with authorities. I don’t know about that. Thanks


  162. Sikandar Azam

    Should I need to attest PGD IT certificate from HEC,MOFA OR UAE embassy ?

    • If you want to get job based on this certificate then yes, get it attested. Thanks


  163. Asslam O Alaikum. I am fresh Electrical Engineer from UET lahore and with your kind attention, my degree is attested from HEC, MOFA and Embassy of UAE. Now, my relative is offering me visit visa of 3 months. I feel myself in little risk that if job is not available in UAE then it will be wastage of time (3 months) and money. so, I want to ask your suggestions about this problem and want to know about job market here in UAE. thanks

    • Dear Sarmad,
      I would encourage everyone to come and try their luck. Good luck! Thanks


  164. hi i completed my MBA from Anglia Ruskin University London. i am planing to go Dubai. do i need to attest my MBA degree? i got foreign degree tho. as u telling others they have to do attestation of latest degree. right now i am in pakistan and cant go back to London and get done with attestation. i am pretty sure there is no such kind of thing in london or uk for attestation of degrees aswell. i am so confused don’t know what to do. shall i hv to go through the same procedure like HEC,MoFA and verified my degree by UAE embassy. will Pakistani HEC attest my UK degree? plz suggest me some thing nice and quick procedure.
    please reply me ASAP im waiting for your reply. million of thanks

    • Hi Nido,

      Since, your degree is from UK then you can go to British Council for attestation.
      My recommended way is to get equivalence certificate from HEC against your degree and get that attested from HEC, MoFA and UAE Embassy.

      Otherwise, you can get VISA of lowest category without degree attestation. Good luck!


  165. Kamran Ali

    Salam Muneeb,
    I have got my employment visa today from Sharjah company.Now i have to get the protector.For the protector i need the NICOP which i am going to apply by tomorrow.Now just tell me that do i need my visa to be stamped on passport before Protector process.If yes then how?Please tell me soon.

    • Dear Kamran,
      Your visa will get stamped on your passport after you land in UAE and get your medical done and apply for your Emirates ID.

      Protector certificate is the requirement of Govt of Pakistan and is issued against paper employment visa.

      Take your visa copy, offer letter/contract copy and copies of ID card of your siblings and parents to get protector. Thanks


  166. Abdul

    Bro ur info is great thanks alot
    Bro is it mandatory to attest degree from UAE embassy in Pak as we know it’s a hecky process is it ok that we can attest our degree from MOFA UAE in UAE or we have to attest from UAE embassy in Pak also kindly help as its really confusing….

    • There is no confusion. It is mandatory to get your degree attested from UAE Embassy in Pakistan. Thanks


  167. shah zeb

    salam brother.
    i have done my MBA finance in 2011. currently working as an operation manager at UBL Pakistan.
    I am here in UAE on visit visa and I am applying for jobs online through dubizzle, bayt and monster gulf since I 26 April and also place ad on dubizzle on daily basis but still I had not received any call from anyone.

    kindly advise that how I got perfect job related to field and experience.


    • Dear Shahzed,

      There are outsourcing agencies like TASC outsourcing. You can contact them for your job:

      People keep one thing in mind: Normally there is no agency fee but if some agency asks you for any fee then make sure you check their backgroud properly and DO NOT give money to anyone for job. There are many fraud people so avoid them. Good luck!


  168. Arif

    I need to apply for a UAE employment visa for which Univeristy degree attestioan is required. I have a degree from a University in USA and prior to that O Levels and A Levels. What is a quick of way of getting this done. HEC is telling me that first I ahve to get equivalence of my O Level and A level and then Univeristy degree. This is a very lengthy process and cann take a very long time. Can this attestation be done by US Consulate in Karachi and then verified by MoFA. Please advise.

    • Dear Arif,
      What you have been told is correct. You need to get equivalence first and need to get that attested. There is no other way out but you can ask your employer to apply for “lowest category visa” and later change your visa status once you get your degree attested. Good luck!!


  169. waqas ur rehman

    Aslam o alikum brother i want to clear that now i am in last semester my exams will be held in june now i have just only my last semesters DMC’s ,SSC /hssc all documents so tell me which document i could attest for cousin said to me that you can attest your hssc degree i want to know is it possible to attest hssc document’s from hec,MoFA and UAE embassy ?

    • Yes, you can. Good luck!


  170. sameer

    Hi muneeb

    I need your help my bba degree in Hec and they getting late I got job in Dubai they are calling me urgent wht should I do please tell me…

    • Dear Sameer,
      Just ask your employer to give you lowest category visa for which degree is not required. Tell him clearly that your degree attestation is in process and it will take some time. Be proactive and honest with your employer. Good luck!!


  171. Muhammad Yasir

    ASSALAM MU ALLIKUM Muneeb bhai, This is Muhammad Yasir (Karachi). I am going to UAE for Job. I have done all the process even for NICOP. Now tomorrow , going for protector based on Token receipt of NICOP.

    Please advice me regarding medical test , are these necesarry / required by UAE ??? Where it will be checked whether I have done medical test or not. Please advice.


    • WAS Yasir,

      Do NOT worry about medical. Your medical will be done when you will reach here. It will be done by UAE authorities and your company will pay for it. Your company’s PRO will guide you through rest of process. Good luck!


  172. Danish ishaq

    Dear im safety officer what is the process of visa

    • Dear Danish – Please check with your employer/sponsor. They will guide you. Thanks


  173. waqas ur rehman

    Hello munib i want to know what kind of id card is required for uae. what you suggest i make smart card or simple end card.?

    • Dear Waqas,
      You need NICOP. Request for NICOP card. Smart card is for use in Pakistan. NICOP is for overseas Paksitanis. Thanks


  174. Assalamu Alekum
    My brother is currently in UAE on visit visa of an employer, he need to attest his BS degree from UAE Embassy to get work visa. Previously the degree is attested from HEC. Should it go first to Foreign Office and then UAE embassy? All original documents required with BS degree or just photocopies required?
    Kindly reply as soon as you can

    • Dear Mr. Waleed,
      Yes. Take all previous original degrees/transcripts with you. You might need an affidavit signed by your brother that on his behalf you can get his degrees attested. Good luck!

      Important thing: Please read all comments before posting your question. There is a good chance that your query is already answered above. Thanks


  175. waqas ur rehman

    Hello munib thanx and tell me from where i get NICOP from nadra or anywhere else?

  176. Akeel Ahmed

    Sir, I got job in Abu Dahbi, Sir can you please tell me can i use this provisional certificate for new employment visa in UAE. if no then please tell me what is the procedure to attest my degree from UAE Embassy.

    I have one problem, my Father name on all educational certificates are “Mohammad Ahmed” but on my Passport and Id card is “Malik Mohammad Ahmed”. My degree is already attested from HEC and Saudi Culture and Saudi Consulate but now i heard some news that if name is not same on certificates and passport then they will reject every case. These days, i am in KSA please guide me so after that i will able to get this job in time.

    • Dear Akeel,
      Whole process is mentioned above in the blog. I do not know about using provisional certification or anything like this. Please check with authorities.

      Regarding your name issue, please go through all the comments above. Thanks


  177. Rashid Azeem

    Slam Muneeb bhai,
    I have attested my CA intermediate certificate from all authorities in Pakistan (MOFA, Ministry of education & UAE consolate etc.).

    Please tell me remaining attestation in UAE? Where it will be done and what is the proceedure.

    Thanks in advance


    • Dear Rashid,

      Just send scanned copy of your attested degree to your employer and he will process your visa. Meanwhile, you apply for your NICOP (National ID card for overseas Pakistanis) and once you get your employment visa then apply for protector. Keep in mind to keep all original documents with you (including your Passport and copies of ID cards of your siblings and parents)… Once, you are here then employer will guide you through rest of process. Good luck!


      • Rashid Azeem

        Dear Muneeb
        I am already on employment visa in Dubai. My employer get lowest quality visa “accounting clerk and general” for me instead of degree visa as per my qualification. I want to complete my attestation process here remaining in UAE to secure from ban on employment and apply for new job.
        Please guide in this matter


  178. arshad

    hi muneeb sir you are doing really a good job. i am here in uae and my degree is attested from HEC foreign affiar and also here from uae MBC but when i went to foreign affair they said do attestation from uae MBc in Pakistan .. now how i will do i need urgent please help me how i can do this in this short time

    • Dear Arshad,

      Please check with SASHA. That company provides services for attestation. Thanks


  179. Haseeb Ahmed

    Salam Muneeb Bhai,
    I appreciate your helping nature and serving the people by providing them such precious information.
    Four mionths back I got a job In Abu Dhabi and and I am writing you from there. I am not satisfied with this job and would like to change my job and regarding this matter I have few queries kindly help me out, queries are as follow:
    1- Can I change my job because this is my first job in UAE and I m afraid I will get ban for 6 months if I resigned(my contract is unlimited)?
    2- I have heard there is no ban for degree holders and I have Bachelors degree attested by HEC & MoFA only but not from UAE Embassy.. how can I get my degree attested by uae embassy(I m currently residing in Abu Dhabi)
    3- if I leave a job without degree attestation will I get a ban? as my visa is of FOLLOW UP CLERK .
    Please help me with my case as I am very much depressed due to the above reason and want to switch the job.
    Always thankful to you.
    Haseeb Ahmed

    • Dear Haseeb,

      As far as I know, yes, you will get a ban. Get your degree attested from HEC, MoFA (Pakistan in Pakistan) and then UAE Embassy in Pakistan. Moreover, if you get a new job with salary more than 12K and attested degree then you will not get any ban.

      My recommendation is do not leave your job. Just work in the environment and try to settle yourself. Good luck!


  180. haseeb ahmed

    Thanks muneeb bhai i really appreciate your prompt reply kindly answer my two more questions.
    1) how can i get my degree attested by uae embassy as i m staying in uae and my degree have been attested by hec and mofa only uae embassy left.?

    2) if i have an attested degree then still i will get ban if my salary is below 4k ?

    Kindly reply

    • 1. Contact SASHA company in PAK and do as they guide you. They are one of the companies who get degrees attested from UAE Embassy in Pakistan.
      2. Yes. Salary should be greater than 12K AED with attested bachelor degree. Check MOI site for more details.

      My suggestion is don’t leave, just think with cool head and try to avoid conflicts and stay there and just work hard. Moreover, in some cases your employer can also deduct the visa expenses if you leave within 6 months (or probation period).

      Good luck!


      • haseeb ahmed

        Thanks alot Muneeb Bhai for your guidance and kind advice
        I will try to adjust myself in the current job.


  181. Assalamu alaikum .sir i wana be a proffesional plz provide me job visa my qualification id fsc and safety officer diploma2year ecpeiance

    • WAS. Sorry this is not the right forum to ask for VISAs. I DO NOT provide visa services neither take money for it. Please consult with concerned department.

      This blog is only to help fellow Pakistanis with my knowledge that I gained through my personal experience. Thanks


  182. Shahbaz Ahmed

    Dear Sir Before 4 days i want send masg, i m still waiting for your reply plz. Thanks

    • Can you please post your question again? What is your query?


  183. Amna Zafar Butt

    Aslam o Alikum!

    Dear Muneeb

    I want to know that if someone has cleared 2 semesters from University in Pakistan and want to continue his/her study in foreign country like Bahrain (Gulf country) which stamp is required from Pakistan.I mean stamp of HEC is required just or anyother stamp??
    U have described above procedure for employment in Gulf country what is the procedure for higher study in Gulf country?? For higher study all these stamps are required or only just HEC stamp?
    Please reply me as soon as possible.
    Amna Zafar Butt

    • Dear Amna,
      As far as I know, attestation of all previous degrees and other non-educational certificates is required to get admission in any university outside Pakistan. Moreover, you might also need attestation from the country’s Embassy in Pakistan. Please check with your university and ask them for documents they need.

      As per my knowledge you need your degrees attested from HEC, MoFA of Pakistan in Pakistan and that Country’s Embassy. Good luck!!


      • Amna Zafar Butt

        Ok Thank u so much :)

  184. I just get attested degree from HEC. It’s really hectic task.

  185. Assalam O alaikum Muneeb,

    Dear I have got a job in Qatar and they want me to attest my docs from Qatar embassy.. Can you please let me know that is it only academic Degrees to be attested or they also need some other docs Like police clearance/Marriage Certificate etc.Currently I am going alone with out Family and will get my family after 6 months.


    Liaqat Ali

    • Dear Liaqat,

      As far as I know, get your highest degree attested on the basis of which you are getting the job and also get computerized marriage certificate from NADRA, get it attested from your union council in which your nikkah is registered and then from MOFA and bring original one with you to get it attested from Qatari embassy. Good luck!!

      Few important things: You need to keep all original docs including passport, CNIC, NICOP and others with you all the time. Once, you get your visa then you need protector and finally polio drops certificate.


  186. Amna Zafar Butt

    Dear Muneeb

    it is necessary to attest photocopies of original documents? I mean what is the purpose of attestation of photocopies?

    Amna Zafar Butt

    • Dear Amna,
      Normally you need to submit scanned copies of your documents. However, there are cases where they need copies of original documents so for those cases copies must also be attested. Good luck!


      • Amna Zafar Butt

        Thank u :)

  187. ahmed nadeem

    a.o.a dear muneeb .I have a problem can u plz guide me for it? my name is ahmed father’s name is at my Id card and my passport ghulam farid shah. but my father’s name at my matric certificate and at my diploma of associate engineering is ghulam farid .mean at my educational documents shah is not mentioned ..I have all ready have a job offer from Canada and that is in produced.. is any problem is waiting for me for this problem of name difference?? plz guide me about it.
    u can also anwer me as a text message..
    regards .
    Ahmed nadeem

    • Dear Nadeem,
      Please check with SASHA company. I am not sure about requirements of Canadian embassy. Thanks


  188. Usman

    Dear Muneeb,
    My degrees are attested 2 years before. now i am applying visa for dubai do i need to re attest all (HEC, IBCC). and if yes then do i need to re attest from MOFA too as well?

    • If your degree was attested from UAE Embassy then there is no need for re-attestation otherwise, just get it attested from HEC, MoFA in Pakistan and UAE Embassy in Pakistan through SASHA company. Good luck!!


  189. Farrakh

    I want to go DUBAI on Landscaping visa. I have masters degree in agriculture. I have the same spellings in all my certificates except F.Sc. certificate. The difference is that in F.Sc. certificate the spellings are Farrukh Amin but on all my other certificates and degrees the spellings are Farrakh Ameen. Please guide me that either this will create the problem for me or not while verification form HEC, MOFA & UAE Embassy.???
    Thanks and wait for your quick response..
    Farrakh Ameen.

    • Please check with authorities. They will be able to guide you. I have just shared my personal experience. Thanks


  190. muhammad adnan

    hi sir i wanna job in dubai and currently m job bank al habib permanet can u help work visa

    • Dear Adnan,

      No, I cannot help you find a job here. You can check job blogs and check with consultancy companies.

      This blog is only to help others get their documents attested and avoid some of the “KHAWAARRRI” that I faced after my personal experience. Thanks


  191. hello sir, is degree certificate must for applying for engineer job in uae? can i apply for electronics engineer job using diploma in electronics and communication engg certificate?

  192. rabia

    AA. i am currently in UAE looking for job as a teacher, the school where i interviewed they said me to attest teaching experience certificate which i have from Pakistan, even the attestation of all my degrees is completed from HEC, Foreign affairs and embassy and i didnt know that experience certificate attestation is also mandatory, so please guide me from which departments the experience certificate should have been attested??? some1 told me that it will be from foreign affairs,ministry of Education and embassy, is it right??? And most important, in ministry of education which officer sign and stamped teaching experience, is it secretory or deputy secretory or section officer or any other??? Please reply me as soon as possible,…. regards

    • Dear Rabia,

      I have no idea about school experience letters but I am sure that you need it certified from MoFA in Pakistan (they have camp office in Lahore). Secondly you can contact SASHA company who deals with all attestations from the embassies. They will be able guide you. Thanks


  193. Muhammad Awais

    Dear Ahmed Muneeb,

    I have read your all posts. You are really doing a great job & i have learnt a lot from these!

    Like all others i have also a question in my mind. Would you like to please tell me that is there any job season in Dubai?? Because i have heard from my friends that there is specific months e.g; November, December & January. In these months lot of jobs vacant in Dubai & we can easily find job there. Is it true??

    Your timely reply will help me & our other friends because i am planning to go to Dubai in the upcoming month Aug-2014.


    Muhammad Awais

    • Dear Awais,

      Thank you very much. Yes, thats true. The months you have mentioned have relatively more job opportunities but you can try your luck in any month. Don’t be so superstitious. Good luck!


  194. Lukmanul hakkim

    Plz help me to get to know about the details regarding certificate attestation. And also I got a problem with my birth certificate and school certificates. It’s about my date of birth. The date of birth is differentiated from each other. Is that a big problem at the time of certificate attestation. Please help me with this problem. Please mail me at

    • Please check with concerned authorities. Difference in date of birth is a big problem as per my knowledge. Good luck!


  195. Kashif Chaudary

    Is there any Agent who can stamp Protector Certificate if we provide all required information to him.
    Kindly confirm?

    • Dear Kashif,

      Why you want to get protector done through agent. You can directly go to protector office. Thanks


  196. H

    I guess it’s an off-topic query, I am in Karachi and looking for work here. I have already attested my degree from UAE, do I still need to get it attested from HEC?? Do reply.

    • Dear Hasnain,

      You need your degree attested from HEC, MoFA and then UAE Embassy in Pakistan and once you are in UAE then MoFA of UAE inside UAE. Good luck!


      • H

        Thanks for the reply, Muneeb.

        I forgot to mention that it’s a UK degree, so I’m assuming I’d need to attest it from British Council Pakistan, UK Embassy in Pakistan and HEC, right?

      • HEC does not attest UK degree. You can either get equivalence from HEC and get it attested from HEC, MoFA and UAE Embassy or send your degrees to UK for attestation. Good luck!!


  197. Ahmed khan

    Thnks bro,,,really its a great effort done by you,,,jazaKALLAH,,
    Bro i have a aquestion
    Recently i have graduated ,,hv done bachelors,in engg,,my univ name is not in the pec as well as in hec website,,so can i go for pec num or attestation procedure on the basis of my provisional certificate or dmc,,will thy allow,me??or i have to w8 for the convocation and dgree ?? Guide me..,also send the repl copyvto email too,,thnkx

    • Dear Ahmed Khan,

      Please check with HEC office. I am not sure about it. Thanks


  198. Muneeb do we need Police Character Certificate for Visa? as my company sending me to qatar for SharePoint Project Implementation

    • Dear Nasir,

      As far as I know, NO you dont need any police character…. Thanks


  199. umar

    I Hope u r fine. Sir i want to ask some Questions Actually i recently did MBA.and i want to going Dubai on visit visa for searching job. i have only Final MBA Transcript butt i got Degree after 4-5 months.
    Is it Necessary to required Degree for Employment and Visa Process?
    Is it Necessary My All education Documents must be attested or Not For Employment and Visa Process?
    Your Help would be Highly Appreciated.Thanks

    • NO degree is not required but it is good to have your complete documents before coming here.
      My suggestion is to get your degree and get it attested from HEC, MoFA and UAE Embassy in Pak and then come here.

      But you can also try without degree as your still have your transcript with you. Be very candid and proactive with your employer. Good luck!


  200. Muhammad Kamran

    Dear Muneeb,

    I just visited your website and found very valuable for the people who are newly immigrants or want to go abroad. I have also some questions to ask, please guide…
    1. i am currently working as an Assistant Manager Training & Development in a private company
    2. i hold master degree in Economics and also a certification course on “Certified Human Resource Professional” from National University of Sciences and Technology ( NUST)
    3. important point is that i will be of 46 years on this December 2014.

    my question is that now i am planning to search for a job in Dubai. You are an experienced person , please guide me that is my age suits to visit there for job search….

    thanks and with best regards,


    • Dear Kamran,

      Whenever you change a country or a city you have to take a fresh start and things do take time to settle down. You need to carefully plan about it. I am not sure about age, although, it should not create any problems for you. However, I am not sure about your field and cannot guide you about it.

      1. Get your documents attested from HEC, MoFA and UAE Embassy
      2. Get NICOP & Polio certificate.



  201. Faraz

    Dear Muneeb,

    Really appreciate your work. I am going to Dubai in a week time for job search. Do I need my Master’s degree attested before leaving? I believe they only require attestation after confirming the job. Please confirm this. When I get a job I believe I can send my degree for attestation to HEC and MoFA through FedEx without having to return to Pakistan?

    • Dear Fraz,

      Get your degrees attested before coming for job hunt. It will expedite the visa process in case when you get job. Get polio certificate. Good luck!!


      • Faraz

        Many thanks for the response. I read that I can polio vaccination certificate at the airport before boarding? Please confirm.

        I will submit the application through FedEx while I am in Dubai. Can I get UAE Embassy degree attestation by sending courier to SASHA? What is the timeframe for this process? I have no intention of physically going to SASHA office at Islamabad.

      • No. Please get polio certificate from any Government Hospital. You cannot get it at the airport.

        About sending courier to SASHA. Please directly confirm with them. Good luck!!


  202. zain

    I have done I Come from federal board isb and ACCA finalist , currently i am in Dubai in major problem .fortunately i got a job as an accountant and they are asking for attestation from uae embassy and concern authority .
    i need help should i send my documents to Pak or not ?
    or ask them to issue me visa in any other category
    plz hellp asap

    • I can only pray and guide you. My suggestion is to get your documents attested. Good luck!


    • Umer

      Dear Zain
      How you search jon in Dubai? and How much you getting time for searching Job? when you go to Dubai?

  203. I am an export manager in a private company with 10 years experience and required job in middle eastern countries due to low salary packager over here. So kindly guide me how I can find best job without wasting any time.
    M. Umer Waqas

    • Dear Umer,

      Please check GCC job portals. Good luck! Thanks


  204. Umer

    Dear Ahmed Muneeb
    i thing i want to ask you. i am required to attest MBA original degree from UAE Embassy or only Photo copy from UAE embassy of MBA degree?

  205. ahmed dear
    Do you know that what is the process to take the equivalence certificate mater degree is equalte to the master degree in UAE master.

    • Dear Irfan,

      No. I do not know about it. Please check with concerned authority. Thanks


  206. Muhammad

    Dear Muneeb bhai,
    kindly help me out or suggest me something.i got attested my BE degree from all three headache; HEC, MoFA & uae consulate, then i sent my other documents along with my attested BE degree (Carbon Copy) to my employer for Engineering Visa.Already 2 months has been passed and still my employer telling me that your documents has been submitted to immigration or labour but they are not giving me any reply,when he went to immigration last week, immigration guys don’t talk too much as my employer said & they are saying that we sent the degree for verification.i want to know that immigration took 1 month for any degree verification?or my employer is playing with me?kindly help me out i will be very thankful to you.


    • Dear Muhammad,

      Visa processing normally do take time but NOT that much but whatever authorities say is “FINAL”. Good luck!


  207. Jahanzeb Alam

    Assalam o alikum,

    Dear Ahmed Muneed, before anything to be discussed i appreciate your help which you are doing for everyone. I have some query, kindly guide. I am a bachelor of Engineering(Telecom) and IT Professional.
    1- OCS is taking too long time 30 – 45 days or more, is it reliable to send degree? I dont have it urgently as i am planing to apply for visit visa in December. Also some consultants like are also giving this type of service to attest documents from HEC, Foreign Office and Embassy. Kindly tell me which will be best, OCS, or i should go to HEC office myself??
    2- My 2nd query is that i am Microsoft Certified Professional (MCITP, MCSA and MCTS), certificates given by Microsoft with their stamp. So do these certificates are also be verified/attested?? If yes then from where? because HEC only verify degrees.
    Please guide me as soon as possible so that i may start the process.

    Jahanzeb Alam

    • Dear Jahanzeb,

      1. OCS service is quite reliable. I have NOT heard anything bad about them but I am not their spokes person. They will surely take time as they have large number of degrees to be attested.

      2. NO. Microsoft’s transcript can be viewed online so no need to get it attested. It will be waste of time and energy.


      • Jahanzeb Alam

        Thanks a lot dear, Today i submitted my documents at HEC Karachi office. They will return after 7 days.. Thanks for your guidance.

  208. Ja

    Dear Ahmad,

    I recently received a job offer in Abu Dhabi for a Junior Engineer position. I have a bachelors degree in Chemistry and and masters degree in Chemical Engineering. I am in the process of attesting my certificates in my home country with the ministry of education, MoFA and UAE embassy.

    My masters degree is from the UK and I got it attested by the British Council in my home country, do I have to attest it from the Ministry of Education or will the MoFA and UAE embassy suffice as the Ministry of Education is taking a lot of time?

    Also can I get an engineer visa or will I face problems? given that my bachelors in not in engineering.

    Thank you,
    Best regards

    • Dear Jam,

      Very best wishes for your new job. Just get your masters degree attested from MoFA and UAE Embassy. Good luck!!



    • Dear Joy,

      If you are certified engineer and have proper degree then of course you can try your luck anywhere. Good luck!!


  210. Masoom

    dear sir
    my name on degree certificate is” shaikh mohammad masoom mumtaz ahmed”
    and on passport is “shaikh mohd masoom mumtaz ahmed ”
    will it create any problem while attestation of documents for uae visa
    please do reply

    • Please check with SASHA but I would recommend to get your names and father names in order. Thanks


  211. Awais

    Dear Muneeb, I have just gone through your blog. I do appreciate your effort to share your experiences while helping others who are going through the same pain. I am planning to leave for UAE in search of good opportunities. Just need to know do we need to attest the photocopies of degree from HEC and others. if yes then how many copies. further do we need to attest the transcript and copies of transcript as well.

    • Just get the original degrees attested from HEC, MoFA of Pakistan in Pakistan then finally UAE Embassy in Pakistan through SASHA or UPS or any other service provider. Good luck!


  212. umer

    hi,,,,friends i want to know .there is any need or requirement of english nic(national identity card) for employment visa ?

  213. Sidra

    Hello Mr Muneeb,

    My name was previously Sidra Hussain but after my marriage its become Sidra Hussain Waqas( which is now on my CNIC). But on all my degrees the name remain Sidra Hussain only. I have not applied for the passport yet and if I do so my name will change in it also. Problem is I am planning to shfit UAE in February 2015 as my husband lives there. I am also planning to apply for the job there after degree attestation from the HEC. Will the change in name create problem for degree attestation or in other things??

    • As far as I know for married ladies it will not create any problem but you MUST have your husband’s name on ID and passport. Good luck!


  214. salam dear!! i have received my engineering degree transcript and provisional certificate from the university..I am planning to go to UAE..Can i attest it from HEC and UAE embassy and is it will be workable over there as i do not have the degree yet ..

    • Yes, get your transcript attested from HEC, MoFA and UAE Embassy. Good luck!!


  215. Ali Abid

    Sir Ahmed muneeb, i am going to UAE on Visit Visa so should i attest my degrees? actually i am B.COM, ACCA affiliate and should i attest only degree or with Matric, intermidiate from all three departments mentioned?

    • Dear Ali,

      If you want to do job here then yes you should get your degrees attested at earliest. Get only highest qualification degree attested. Good luck!!


  216. Muneeb Ashfaq

    Dear Mr. Muneeb! Assalam-O-Alikum!
    Hope you will be fine. On my all certificates and degrees (Matric to BBA(Hons), name of my father has been written as “Muhammad Ashfaq”. But on my passport+NIC, it is written as “Sheikh Muhammad Ashfaq”. Please tell me whether this difference of “Sheikh” may cause any problem or not in near future while I will apply for UAE Visa?
    Thanks and I hope your positive response.

    • Please contact the concerned authorities. They should be able to guide you exactly. Thanks


  217. Ali

    AOA Ahmed Muneeb bro,

    im about to receive my wife’s dependent visa for Kuwait. I heard theres a hectic procedure from Pakistan ? Can you or anyone guide me plz?

    • No sure about Kuwati Iqamas. As far as I know, Visas for Kuwait is banned for Pakistanis. Good luck and do keep us posted about the process. Thanks


  218. Shiraz Nasir

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFa) Karachi

    Just for the info, you can get MoFA verification from MoFa Karachi office.

    Address: Near FTC Building , Sharah-e-Faisal, Karachi.
    Landmarks: FTC Building, Sharah-e-Faisal
    City: Karachi
    Phone +92-21-99204989, 99206690

  219. javed

    Aka I want to apply visit visa for uae…my name is Muhammad javed and father name is fazal elahi but in metric and diploma dae my father name is wriiten fazal ilahi just e and I different and in hssc javed spelling is written javeed now I want to verify documents from hec and pakistani embassy and use embasy …question is that hec Pakistani and uae embassy will create problem of spelling r not..plz tell me and only last degree require to verify or all documents plz tell me

    • Already answered in many comments. Please refer to these comments. Thanks


  220. javed

    Also procedure of verification of document what say uae embassy about degree that all documents should be attested or last degree should attested from hec and pakistani embassy

    • Last degree is important as your will find job based on that.
      If you have family and want to bring them here then your marriage certificate (ENglish, Urdu, Arabic and Computerized) attested from MoFA and UAE Embassy and “B” form of your kids (if you have any) Thanks


  221. Laiq Khan

    Dear sir hope u r fine. i have done attestation of my documents from foreign office in Peshawar. kindly tell me what are the remaining steps and one another question is that i have to change my CNIC to NICOP to its not necessary for going to uae on employment visa. i have already sent my docs to the employer for the processing of employment visa.besides do any medical tests are also required or not?? thank you

    • Dear Khan,

      Yes, NICOP is required to get protector which is issued against employment visa (once you get job they will issue you employment visa). You do not require to change your CNIC to NICOP but rather apply for new NICOP.

      Secondly, you have to get your documents attested from HEC, MoFA and UAE embassy in Pakistan through any service provider (one is SASHA). Good luck!!


  222. Usaid Ahmed

    Being a Chartered Accountant based in Karachi, i am obliged to share some additional details regarding the verification process if you are applying for UAE employment visa.

    C.A being a certificate does not have to be verified by HEC hence one has to go through the following steps if the employment visa will be arranged on basis of C.A certificate

    – Your latest certificate (C.A Inter or C.A Final) must be attested by ICAP. Furthermore you also need to obtain letter to concerned embassy. For this purpose, a verification form has to be filled and submitted with original certificate to ICAP against total charges of Rs 370 (Rs 250 for letter to Embassy requesting attestation, Rs 60 for attestation of copy of certificate which will be enclosed with the letter, Rs 60 for attestation of your original certificate). The certificate and letter will have to be taken from ICAP premises the next working day.

    – Once the certificate has been attested by ICAP, it must be verified from Ministry of Foreign Affairs which is adjacent to FTC building when approaching from Nursery stop, Shahrah-e-Faisal. Tickets of Rs 10 will be stamped on the back of the certificate and it will be kept by the MOFA. Timings are 8am to 1pm for submission of documents. You will be given a receipt which must be brought next day for collection of documents. Collection timings are 2:30pm to 3:30pm. No additional charges required.

    – After taking the certificate from MOFA, one must get it certified from Ministry of Education which is located within Sindh Secretariat. Official timings are 11am to 1pm for general public however it is not possible to obtain certification without paying chai pani charges if you want to save 2-3 trips. There are agents outside the premises who will get your documents certified within 10-20 minutes against a fee of Rs 1,000.

    – Last but not the least, the certificate (verified by ICAP, MOFA and Ministry of Education) plus ICAP Letter to Embassy must be given to Gerry’s Drop Box services. It is located next to Canada Visa Application Center near Fortune Center, Karachi. Documents can be submitted between 9am to 1pm. They will require you to provide CNIC copy, 45$ for attesting certificate from UAE Consulate (fresh notes, minimum denomination of 5$) plus 290rs service charges. Your certificate along with a copy of CNIC will be kept by them and they will provide a consignment note. They can be picked next day between 3pm to 4pm against submission of consignment note.

    The scanned copy of the verified certificate (ICAP,MOFA, MOE and UAE Consulate) can be sent to your employer for applying employment visa on your behalf.

    • Jazak Allah.

      All chartered accountants please refer to this comment. Thanks


    • Muhammad Ammar Khawaha

      Thank you Usaid,

      Can you please guide about ACCA affiliates from Lahore, is it same procedure?
      I called UPS few weeks ago and they said ACCA certificates are not being attested by UAE embassy!!! can anyone guide me what is procedure for ACCA affiliates/members going to UAE for Work visa.

      Thanks a lot !!!

  223. javed

    Last degree is necessary for verification or all document for in job uae

    • Just the latest degree (highest one). Thanks


  224. Laiq Khan

    thanks, my second question was about the medical tests, from where and which tests i will do for the forthecoming employment visa. i m from peshawar

    • Your medical will be done here by UAE authorities.

      First step is to get medical done here in UAE
      Second step to get Emirates ID (you will learn about it)
      Third is to get ‘RESIDENCE visa’ stamped on your passport (called IQAMA)


  225. Shahbaz

    Hellow Muneeb,

    Im in a confusion plz guide me

    My name & father name on all my degrees are Muhammad Shahbaz Alam
    But on my CNIC & Passport it is written as Muhammad Shahbaz

    Will It create problem on HEC verification & Employment visa in Dubai

    Plz guide

    • Please refer to companies which get degrees attested from UAE Embassy they will guide you. I am not sure how hard rules are these days. Thanks


  226. Muhammad Umar Farooq

    Hello Sir,
    You have done an awesome job.
    My question is that on my all documents my father name is “Tariq Saeed Ch.”
    While on my CNIC and Passport it is “Tariq Saeed” CH. word is additional in all degrees.
    If it is not acceptable then i have to change the name from all documents, metric, and B.E.
    I am much worried about that. Waiting for your reply.
    Thank you in advance.

    • Dear Umar Farooq,

      Same query has been answered a lot of time in the comments. Please contact concerned authorities (in this case company which provide services to get degrees attested from UAE Embassy like UPS, SASHA etc). They will guide you with latest rules. Thanks


  227. iftikhar ahmad

    On my All degrees and CNIC parsport my name is iftikhar Ahmad, Father Name is Zubair Ahmad, But on my father CNIC, his name is Zubair AHmad Nayyer, When i tried to renew my CNIC, they noticed in the record and nadra is saying to bring cort degree as my father died last year. Now if i get coart degree and my father name is changed on cnic, then it will be different from what is written on my passport,, degrees. What can i do to resolve all this,? I can get my degrees attested from HEC but what will happen when my cnic will expire and for reneual they will change my father name as per their record?

    • Dear Iftikhar,

      Sorry to know about demise of your father. May Allah Bless him highest place in Jannah… My recommendation is to get same name (yours and your father) every where on degrees, CNIC and passport. Although, it is painful process but it will keep things clean for you in future. Unfortunately, our parents did not care about these small things but they are very important.

      I will also suggest to contact UPS or SASHA or any other degree attestation service provider and try your luck! They will guide you correctly in accordance with latest rules. Good luck!!


  228. Muhammad Umar Farooq

    Thank you dear for reply.
    Today i have contacted with SHASHA the guy said that in the father name there is a relaxation, Good news for all. But only in father name.

  229. Saleem

    Mr. Muhammad Umar Farooq, if you get the attestation from the UAE embassy despite of the name difference of the Father in Degree and CNIC/Passport then please let the people know about it. Also, if any other person able to get attestation despite the issue of the name differences then he is requested to mention his experience here so that other people may come to know about the latest rules. Thanks.

  230. Aslam o Alaikum Bro,

    I have microsoft certified developer and Cambridge university of london Cetification holder, so bro please tell me can i get middle east countries work visa for job.
    also i have offered from saudi Arbia company for job.

    So please guide me.

    • Dear Anees,

      Yes, you can. Middle east welcome everyone!! Please check job portals like monstor gulf etc…. This forum is not about jobs!

      Ehlan Wa Sehlan… Marhaba!!


  231. Shiraz Nasir

    More good news for Karachi

    HEC Karachi office has started degree attestation. Is that the news of the century or what? No more worries about going to Islamabad or sending your degrees through courier. They take a week but that’s perfectly fine as long as we do not have to travel to Islamabad.

    Office location is behind PTV Office.

    You need to be careful about the following.

    You cannot book a slot online like you do for Islamabad. Tokens are only available at the office. They only give 50 tokens per day unlike Islamabad where they give 240 tokens. Now you will probably not believe this but the token allocation time starts at 5am and all tokens are booked by 6am so if you go there after 6am you are likely to miss out. You have to be there before 5am, get your token, then return home and come back again at 8am or just wait outside office gate.

    You must bring all original documents;
    Matric Marksheet and Certificate
    Intermediate Marksheet and Certificate
    Bachelors Marksheet and Degree
    In case of Masters, Masters Marksheet and Degree
    NIC Photocopy. Keep original too.

    Make 2 sets of photocopies for each. Only 1 set is required but don’t take any chances. There is no photocopier nearby. You will have to go to Liaqat National Hospital for taking copies if you don’t have them.

    Before going to HEC office, fill the form online on and update all your education info by following the steps. Print the form after completing. You can convert it to PDF, then get it printed if you do not have a printer at home.

    They say the form should be for the same date but do not worry about this. It does not make sense as how can anyone print the form after 12am if they don’t have a printer? As long as it is within 2 weeks, it is fine.

    Some people will tell you that you need to get your degree VERIFIED. Do not believe them. it is not required. Not for regular candidates at least. May be it is required for private candidates but certainly not for regular ones. Mine wasn’t VERIFIED and it didn’t matter.

    If there is any mistake in your form, don’t worry. They will ask you to go inside their computer lab, sign in to your account, make the correction and print it.

    If you haven’t signed up, you can go in the lab, create your account, fill the required info, and print it. It’s great that they are giving this facility too.

    After submitting the form with required original documents and photocopies, they will give you 1 week time for collecting it. So if you submit it on Monday, you will get them on next Monday.

    Hope the info is helpful.

    Kind regards,

    • Jazak Allah Shiraz for your contribution to this forum. May Allah Bless you.

      • M. Istehbab

        Correction: Photocopiers, and people who will scan documents for you are located in Ghalib market near HEC Office Lahore. Its at walking distance.

        Multiple photocopiers are available in Ghalib market. The guy who scans documents is near the “local eating place” / shop called 786 in Ghalib market. This shop is near the big ground just next to Ghalib market.

        Anyone who has bike or car can easily manage it from Ghalib market.

      • Jazak Allah.

    • M. Istehbab

      Photocopiers, and people who will scan documents for you are located Ghalib market near HEC Office Lahore. Its at walking distance from HEC Office Lahore.

      Multiple photocopiers are nearby in Ghalib market. The guy who scans documents is near the “local eating place” / shop called 786. This shop is near the big near Ghalib market.

      Anyone who has bike or car can easily manage it from Ghalib market

    . .

    • I would recommend you to wait for your transcript. Good luck!


      • Shiraz Nasir

        Dear Sajjad,

        Official transcripts are not required to apply for jobs. You only need to submit it after you are hired. There is no harm in going to UAE and start applying. It takes a month anyway for you to be short listed, interviewed and be finalized for a job.

  233. M. Istehbab


    I got my originals + one set of photocopy of Matric, Intermediate attested from BISE/IBCC. After that my originals + one set of photocopy of Bachelors, Masters degrees from HEC. Furthermore, I got my matric, intermediate, bachelors, masters certificates/degrees attested from MoFA, plus the one attested set of photocopies mentioned before.

    I have scanned all my attested certificates/degrees from matric till masters. Plus the one set of attested photocopies of my originals.

    My question is in regard to getting visa for the following locations;

    (-) UAE/Dubai, other gulf countries like Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, KSA, etc etc, and
    (-) Canada (if anyone has knowledge about it);

    The question is;

    – Can I submit simple or colour photocopies of my attested originals or attested photocopies to get visa ?


    – Do I need to submit the attested photocopies which have actual attestation stamps on them to get visa ?

  234. Shiraz Nasir

    For UAE, if you are going on visit visa, you do not need to submit anything. Just apply for jobs. When you get the job, you will be asked to provide original documents. You will have to first get your last degree attested from Dubai Embassy through Fedex. After you submit the original documents your employer will apply for your employment visa.

  235. waqar ahmab

    Muneeb bro i am going on visit visa to dubai for job searching but i do not have my final degree yet only provisional degree and final transcript i have yet.
    so my question is that can i get job on my provisional degree or final transcript???? and should i attest my provisional degree from HEC,MOFO and UAE embassy?? and does HEC attest provisional degree???? please answer me

    • Dear Waqar,

      My recommendation is to wait for your degree and get it attested from HEC, MoFA and then UAE Embassy. Meanwhile, come to UAE and find job and let your employer know that your degree issuance is in process and you can show your final transcript to them.

      Do NOT waste your money on attesting provisional transcript/degree. Wait for FINAL degree and get it attested. Good luck!!


  236. Ahmad

    i have done M.Com and want to go Duabi . Am i attest degree or Degree??

    • Get your highest degree attested from HEC, MoFA and then UAE Embassy in Islamabad through any degree attestation service provider. Good luck!


  237. Fahad Khalid

    Assalam u Alaikum !

    is it necessary for ibcc attestation to be on original inter certificate ?
    and does foreign affairs accept the photo copy attested by the ibcc ?
    and can u plz tell me afterwards procedure to do for dubai going
    and im living in khi so tell me the loaction where i have to go after
    foreign affairs prcoess thank you .

  238. maryam

    Good day Ahmed Muneeb,,,

    Bro mery father ka nam mri her document py Hafiz Muhammad Saddique hai…
    but mry passport py Hafiz Muhammad Siddique hai,,, “a” ki jagah ” i ” hai..
    does it cause any difficulty while attesting through uae embassay?

  239. NP

    Dear Muneeb,

    thank you for this guidance. I really appreciate. Further, do you have any information about MOFA and Embassy attestation and medical test requirements facility in Karachi


    • Your medical will be done here in UAE after you landed. Thanks.

  240. Shahbaz

    Hellow muneedb,

    I have attested my degrees from UAE embassy HEC & MOFA,& send to employer in UAE,

    I have question is on on my degree my is Muhammad Shahbaz Alam & on passport it is like
    Muhammad Shahbaz will my Employment visa be rejected based upon this?

    Iam under lots of stress due to this.

    • Shiraz Nasir

      This won’t matter. As long as first two names match, it is fine.

  241. Saad ali shah

    hello muneeb ……… i attested my final degree from HEC and MOFA ..while i don’t have time left to attest it from UAE Embassy … is it possible for my employer to send me job visa without attested final degree from UAE embassy or he can’t proceeds his process without attested final degree……

    • As far as I know (I Could be wrong here) You might get sales visa without degree. There are some visa categories which do not required attested degrees. . .

  242. Saquib

    Dear Ahmed Muneeb, AoA

    First of all, thanks for providing such precious information center to every one. Below is my query..

    I have an offer from an Abu Dhabi based company and following has been completed

    1. degree attestation from HEC,MoFA,UAE embassy in Pakistan and from MoFA Abu Dhabi
    2. Scanned images of Passport, degree and experience certificates provided to employer
    3. According to intermidiary recruiting agency all the requirements have been completed

    The recruiting agency has told me that the employer would get back to them after 3,4 weeks

    1. Please quide about next steps of the remaining employment process
    2. Please guide what the employer would be doing in these 3,4 weeks and why it takes this much time
    3. I have not received the employment contract yet. Can my emplyer process my employment visa with the contract

    Thanks and regards,


    • Dear Saqib,

      1) Remaining Process: Once you get your employement visa (on pink paper – they will send you scanned copy of it). Then get protector which is issued against employment visas. It is one day process. Read my other blog about how to get protector.

      2) Security clearnace is required for all Pakistanis so thats why these take time. However, you may get it before that.

      3) You will sign EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT after your joining which will also go in Ministy of Labor but I hope you have official offer letter with you for now.

      Good luck!!


  243. Saquib

    Thanks so much Muneeb for prompt reply.



  244. farrukh

    thanks munib bhai

  245. Ahmed

    Dear Saquib & Ahmeb Bro.
    Kindly you give me information regarding which recruiting agency you get job? and what is the Best method for searching job means some recruiting agency or Through Internet search?

    • Search for recruitment company through internet and apply. Thanks

  246. Muhammad Ali

    I got my employment entry permit from Abu Dhabi,

    My degrees are attested from MOFA, HEC & UAE Embassy / Consulate (Karachi).

    the problem is …my nikkah nama and childern birth certificates are only attested by MOFA and respective union councils (NADRA etc). now the UAE embassy is asking 60 minimum days for attestation (agents).

    Is there any other way to resolve the issue like, you mentioned in you previous posts.

    Take these documents in original with me to UAE get them attested from embassy of Pakistan in UAE then MOFA UAE and them apply for my wife and kids visa ?? is this correct ?

    • Dear Ali,

      No shortcut. Good luck! Thanks


  247. Usman

    Dear Muneeb
    I have got a job in saudi arabia contract letter in my bechlors degree is its is attested from MOFA and HEC..only EMbassy verification how to do this any suggestions..and i have also received my visa..

    • I CANNOT suggest you ANYTHING. It is better to earn an original degree and earn HALAAAL earning based on it. Dont lie to yourself and others. Good luck!

      • Hamza

        I simply love the reply. Lovely vision MashAllah,

  248. Laiq Khan

    Dear Sir,
    i have submitted my final degree in Sasha for uae attestation but not yet returned to me, Somedays before the employer asked me to send him my scanned documents so i sent him my scanned documents(Including my last degree) which were attested only upto MOFA, now my question is that can he send me employment visa by these docs?? because my degree was not attested from embassy which i sent him. waiting for your reply. Thanks

  249. Laiq Khan

    Dear Sir,
    i have submitted my Bachelors degree in Sasha for uae attestation but not yet returned to me, Somedays before the employer asked me to send him my scanned documents so i sent him my scanned documents(Including my bachelors degree) which were attested only upto MOFA, now my question is that can he send me employment visa by these docs?? because my degree was not attested from embassy which i sent him. I am B.Sc in Civil Engineering. waiting for your reply. Thanks

    • Shiraz Nasir

      Which city are you from? Why didn’t you submitted the docs directly to Dubai Embassy instead of using Sasha?

      • Laiq Khan

        i am from peshawar. i submitted my degree on 25th of Sept,2014 but not yet returened to me

    • Shiraz Nasir

      Your entire career depends on these things. Why didn’t you just take a bus to Rawapindi and go there personally and get it done? In Karachi we submit it to Fedex and receive it in 1 day. If we submit it before 11am we receive it on the same day. Not sure why would you want to use someone like Sasha who will not give any accurate deadline for delivery and even charge you additional fee for their service.

      • Laiq Khan

        Sir Ahmad muneeb guided me that the options are only sasha and ups, no other service provider is officially authorized to take the degrees for attestations, besides i’ve also seen in UAE embassy website the names of SASHA and UPS are just written. but here my questions was not this, i wanted to ask about the employment visa issuance which i have asked in above question. Thank You

  250. Shiraz Nasir

    I know you cannot submit any documents directly to UAE Embassy but didn’t you ask Sasha how much time they will take? Regarding visa, It depends on your company if they accept your degree without UAE Embassy attestation. I doubt it. You will have to contact your employer and PRO and ask them if they will accept it and proceed with visa processing. I am not sure why SASHA would take over 2 months when Fedex only takes 1 day in Karachi.

    • Laiq Khan

      SASHA took $ 45 along with RS 200 service charges for UAE Attestation and said to come after 45 days.

      • Try any other service provider. Good luck!


    • Marij Wasti

      Are u sure Fedex takes one day for UAE embassy? One day, I have heard is for MOFA and not UAE embassy.

      • Dear Marij,

        That is true.

  251. Samina

    Aslam o Alaikum
    Please tell me. Sasha International will accept my degree from any other person and how much time is required for attestation from UAE Embassy??

    • WAS,
      SASHA is taking around 45 days these days. Check with UPS or any other attestation service provider.


  252. Marij Wasti

    Dear Muneeb Bhai,

    I have completed my ACCA and articles and also I am planning to visit Dubai but I haven’t yet received my membership certificate. Would it be necessary that I get my ACCA membership certificate attested or only the attestation of degree shall suffice? Obviously, I will apply job on the basis of my ACCA but I have heard that the attestation of B.Com degree shall be enough for the processing of VISA.

    • Dear Marij,

      What you have heard is correct. You can get employment visa based on your B.Com Degree. Good luck in your job hunt.


  253. Shiraz Nasir

    What? Fedex takes $45 and Rs 260 service charges and returns it in 1 day. Infact if you submit it before 11am you get it on the same day at 4pm. What does SASHA do with it for 45 days? How can anyone wait for 45 days if he gets a job and wants to submit degree with verification for employment visa. No employer will wait for 45 days. You must contact your employer and ask them what to do. By the way, it has been 60 days today and you have still not received it. You should sue SASHA.

    • Muhammad Ali

      I got my employment entry permit from Abu Dhabi,

      My degrees are attested from MOFA, HEC & UAE Embassy / Consulate (Karachi).

      the problem is …my nikkah nama and childern birth certificates are only attested by MOFA and respective union councils (NADRA etc). now the UAE embassy is asking 60 minimum days for attestation (agents).

      Is there any other way to resolve the issue like, you mentioned in you previous posts.

      Take these documents in original with me to UAE get them attested from embassy of Pakistan in UAE then MOFA UAE and them apply for my wife and kids visa ?? is this correct ?

      • A friend of mine recently got his Nikkah namma attested from Pakistani consulte in UAE (Al-Ain) and then from MoFA of UAE in UAE directly. Rules do get change from time to time. You can try your luck as well. But what I have heard (only heard not experienced myself) is that you need to get all documents attested from UAE Embassy in Pakistan then from MoFA of UAE in UAE. Good luck!!


    • Thanks for your inputs here.

    • uzair

      I have got attested from sasha only in one day.

  254. Asad

    sasha and ups are not accepting degrees at the moment,,, they are saying uae embassy is doing some up-gradation, and attestation will take 2-3 months……i am in the middle of a hiring process, and the employer has urgently asked me to provide attested degree from uae embassy…….. now someone please guide me what to do…….. is there some back channel or any-other agent who can get the attestation done within a week……. money is not an issue

    • Dear Asad,

      Good luck! Do keep us posted with the current status.

      I would advise you to only get your degree attested through authorized companies like SASHA, UPS etc. Do not look for any back channel otherwise, you might end up in big trouble. Good luck!!


  255. Muhammad Arif Khan

    Dear Muneeb, My name is Muhammad Arif khan on CNIC and Passport but in all degree my name is Arif Khan. So, this will be issue for UAE embassy for attestation?

  256. amaan khan

    Dear Muneeb,
    i want to do attestation from uae consulate Karachi.well i submitted my document in FedEx for uae day when i collected my document from there they said your certificate not attested from uae consulate they said verify your IBCC stamp from higher education.because my certificate already attested from IBCC IN 2008.then i submitted my certificate for verify stamp in IBCC dpt intermediate board of Karachi.after few day i collect my certificate from IBCC my certificate re attested only stamp and sign mention on certificate they did not paste IBCC sticker. again i submitted in FedEx . next day i collected my certificate from FedEx again uae consulate did not attested and they said go to IBCC AND DO AGAIN VERIFY THIS CERTIFICATE FROM THERE.i went uae consulate Karachi check my certificate original seen.they said we need new IBCC sticker stamp…..
    and IBCC ppl said we don’t paste sticker again on original certificate…because you already verify in 2008 we just one time past IBCC sticker……
    now muneeb please tell me what to do …..any way .???

  257. Ali

    Salam Sir,
    My question is that i did my phd from UK and ms from South Korea. I got job offer (based on phd degree) from Saudi university. My questions are specific which are given below:
    1) Can i legalize both degrees from certificate issuing countries or only phd?
    2) After legalization of degree(s), do i need to get equivalence certificate from HEC to get attestation from Saudi Cultural Mission in Islamabad?
    3) If only phd is required for Saudi Visa, then is it possible to get legalize (from foreign office of UK) and attest (from Saudi Cultural Mission, UK) and then apply visa in Pakistan.

    I will be much thankful for your reply in your earliest.

    • Dear Ali,

      Although I do not have personal experience on this but I assume that you need to get your PhD degree attested from country of issuance and equivalence attested from MoFA Pakistan; and then Saudi Arabia Embassy Pakistan. But I would advise you to check with concerned authorities before moving any further and do keep us posted as well.

      Thank you & Good Luck.

  258. farrukh

    Asalam o alikum Muneeb bhai.. first of all i thank you very much for guiding us so truly and properly. i have followed every single instruction of urs and have got attestation tiill MoFA. Now i will go towards UPS. brother they ask for 5000 for each degree. my question is this whether i should attest all my degrees, transcripts and certificates of inter n matriculation board or i should only attest my last latest degree without transcript for job purpose.. plz guide me.

  259. farrukh

    Muneeb bhai.. first of all i thank you very much for guiding us so truly and properly. i have followed every single instruction of urs and have got attestation tiill MoFA. Now i will go towards UPS. brother they ask for 5000 for each degree. my question is this whether i should attest all my degrees, transcripts and certificates of inter n matriculation board or i should only attest my last latest degree without transcript for job purpose.. plz guide me.

  260. Dear Muneeb,
    I have a question. My father name on all my educational documents is ” Abdul Sattar “. But recently I have received my passport on which my father name is written as ” Sattar , abdul ” . I want to ask will qatar embassy in pakistan make an issue of it while attesting my degree and later on in visa procedures? If you can guide I will be obliged.

  261. how much passport size picture should i need for degree attestation . .. plzz make me clear .

    • Shiraz Nasir

      HEC Degree Attestation does not require any photos. It only requires all your original degrees, certificates and mark sheets.

  262. Can any one help me here.
    I have a question. My father name on all my educational documents is ” Abdul Sattar “.But recently I have received my passport on which my father name is written as ” Sattar , abdul” . I want to ask will qatar embassy in pakistan make an issue of it while attesting my degree and later on in visa procedures? If you can guide I will be obliged.

    • Dear Zain,

      Yes, there will be a problem because both names are different. Secondly, I would advise you to correct it before applying for your visa as your information will go a very long way with you. Good Luck and do keep us posted.

  263. Saquib

    AoA Ahmed Muneeb and every body!

    This is with reference to my earlier post dated 22-10-2014.

    I had submitted all required documents on 12-10-2014. It has been 4 weeks since then and I am waiting for a security clearance. Please note that my employer is Abu Dhabi based ADNOC group company. Can any body share his experience as to how much time it takes to get security clearance for Abu Dhabi?

    I shall be very grateful.

    • Shiraz Nasir

      It can take up to 6 weeks. Some companies delay it because of labour inspections. if they gave you appointment letter then you don’t have to worry. Just keep following up with them.

  264. Saquib

    Thanks Shiraz,

    I donot have appointment letter but I do have the offer letter which I accepated and sent the signed copy to the employment agency. Please comment

    • Mohammed

      Hi Saquib,

      I am in the process of getting security clearance too and its been more than 3 months now but still no response from my prospective employer’s HR. Just be patient it may take a while. Do update us if you get your security clearance done.


  265. Assalam o Alaikum to All and good morning….
    I named Sheeraz Ali Khan from Sukkur Sindh, currently at Bhit and Badhra Onshore Gas Field, i want to attest my B.E degree from MOFA Islamabad, KSA Embassy and KSA Cultural mission office islamabad please guide me..

    • Dear Sheeraz,

      There are many companies which provide attestation services which includes; SASHA, FedEx and UPS. Please contact them and they will guide you. Do keep us posted.

  266. rana shahid

    Hi i want to know about the validation of attested degree from uae embassy. I got my degree attested in 2012. I heard that it has a expiry date as well like hec attested degree is valid for 6 months. please advise..

    • As far as I know, UAE embassy attestion is for life but rules do keep changing from time to time. Please check with concerened authorities but YES, HEC attestation is valid for 6 months only and if you are going for UAE embassy attestion then your HEC attestation must NOT be older than 6 months. Thanks


  267. Business Visa Bro Required Protector

  268. Bro protector certificate Required for Business Visit visa

  269. Ahmed

    Dear Saquib & other bro.
    Please give me information Through which Employment agency u get job? what is the best method for searching job?

    • Search in google for UAE job portals like monstorgulf, jobsinDubai etc.


  270. Hamza

    Dear brother,
    1. I got my Matriculation /FSc certificates attested from IBCC and BA/MA degrees attested from HEC and then MoFA in 2009 when I was leaving for studies to Europe. Now I have a job offer from Saudia, Do I need to get them verified again from IBCC and HEC and then MoFA before submitting them to KSA embassy for their verification? If yes, how much fee?
    2, Are Matric and FSc necessary to be attested or is it just the final degree ?

    • Hamza

      Two more quick question, Do I need any kind of attestation /verification from Pakistan or abroad for my MS degree which I have earned from Europe?
      Do I need to have all this degree verification and protector things done, if my employer in Saudia sends a business visa instead of work visa?

      • You need to get that degree attested from UAE Embassy from where it was issued. Example if you have degree from Germany then get it attested from UAE Embassy in Germany first. Good luck!


    • 1. No you dont need to get them verified again.
      2. Just final degree.


      • Mudassir Anwar

        Dear Brother Ahmed Muneeb,

        That was a very useful post and I enjoyed and got benefited from the discussion. Just a quick question. for UAE employment visa as an Assistant professor in a university do I need to get only my PhD equivalence certificate (as I have my PhD from overseas) attested from HEC and the subsequent authorities (MoFA etc) or all the certificates and degrees starting from Matric needs to be attested?

        Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

      • Dear Mudassir Anwar,

        Yes please get equivalence certificate and get it attested. Keep all original degrees, ID & passport with you during this process and get your masters degrees attested as well. Good luck! Thank you


      • Mudassir Anwar

        Dear brother,

        Thanks and Jazak Allah for your time and suggestion.

        I have got my documents attested from HEC and MOFA. Now need to get these attested from UAE embassy.

        I have a query regarding Medical examination. I wonder if it is required as according to my understanding it is done in UAE once you are there. The details sent to me by the employer (the university I am going to join as an Assistant Professor) state that the medical will be conducted in UAE before they apply for residence visa on my behalf.

        What do you suggest in this regard?

        Thanks bro.


  271. farrukh

    i have come to know that uae embassy has deleted its requirement for 6 month renew HEC attestation… now they will consider every single attestation of HEC without any time period. do confirm by your side as well.

    • Mudassir Anwar

      Brother did you manage to get the answer to your query regarding, whether attestation of all certificates and degrees is required or only the final degree? I am having same issue. My PhD is from overseas and I have applied for equivalence certificate from HEC. This will be my final degree so I am wondering if attestation of only this will do or should I get everything attested which is really a pain in the ass.

  272. Marij Wasti

    Dear Muneeb,

    I have done O & A Levels. Before giving exams I obtained equivalency of O & A levels and submitted the original with the Karachi University. Now when I went for degree attestation they are asking me to submit original equivalency along with the degree. I told them that I have submitted the original with the KU for registration. What I want to know is that could the degree be attested without the equivalency? And how come inter students get their degree attested when they submit the original inter mark sheet before giving, never to be returned? Please reply ASAP!

    Best Regards

    • Dear Marij,

      This is the first time that I am hearing something like that, which could be true as rules are being continuously updated. I do not have any solution on top of my head, for now. So, perhaps the best way would be to follow the standard procedure. Good Luck.


    Well Done Ahmed Muneeb ! You are doing a great job.

    I have CA-Intermediate Certificate, which is already attested from ICAP (concerned Institute ), MoFA and UAE Embassy in Pakistan. I got this attested in March 2014. Almost 7+ months gone. Should I need to get this Re-attested from all three above-mentioned authorities again?? I have plans to visit UAE in search of a job. Please guide Bro!

    • Dear Waqas,

      No need for re-attestation.

  274. Saquib

    AoA everbody,

    Recently my security clearance has been denied by the company in abu dhabi without mentioning any reason. I have the provisional appointment letter.

    Is there anything I can do. The recruitment agency wants to discuss with the company and has asked me to wait till then. Is there any possiblity of getting the case through after their discussion.

    If any body can share his experience, Please do …I would wait for the response.


  275. Mr khan

    Dear Muneeb bhai,
    Alhamdullillah my UAE work permit has come .Now kindly tell me whats the next step after this, i have also not applied for english id card yet nor medical tests. My degree attested from uae embassy yesterday and received it today. kindly guide me as soon as possible. Thanks

    • Dear Khan,

      First step is to get protector. Once you arrive in UAE then your employer will ask you toget medical test and UAE ID done. And after this your residence visa will be stamped on your passport. Good Luck.

  276. Mudassir Anwar

    Dear brother,
    Thanks for guiding us with detailed and clear information. Could you please answer to my queries below?
    1. For the final degree (in my case PhD) obtained overseas does one need to get equivalence certificate from HEC in order to apply for UAE work/employment/residence visa?
    2. Does one need to get all the certificates and degrees starting from SSC ertificate get attested from the respective authorities or the attestation of only the final degree is sufficient?

    Thank you so much and I look forward to see your response

    • Dear Mudassar,
      In response to your queries please find below answers as per my knowledge.
      1. Yes. You need equivalence certificate and get the same attested from HEC.
      2. No, just the highest one.

  277. Qaisar Khan

    AOA , Sir I am from Lahore I have verified my degree from HEC and MOFA camp office lahore now only uae embassy left but i have only 20 days left to fly for uae i heard that sasha is taking 45 days to attest degree from uae embassy any one knows another option which attest my degree in few days i am from Sargodha so i am asking for punjab not Sindh tnx.

    • Dear,
      Try UPS or TCS services (I am not sure about the service providers now).

  278. Laiq Khan

    A.O.A, Dear Ahmad Muneeb
    Hope you are fine, Brother Alhamdullilah my entry permit (work) has come and so is my degree attested from UAE embassy, now what are the remaining formalities e.g., “OK to board” and protector etc,they have not sent me any offer letter/contract. Kindly guide me. Thanks

  279. Syed Marwan

    Hello Muneeb Bro,
    I am really really happy to see this forum of yours, and first of all would love to say thanks wholeheartedly for helping everyone out here. I also had fathers name problem,I asked SASHA and they said there is a relaxation policy in fathers name. But chances are 50/50, So i contacted other agencies, i talked with UPS and they said the same thing. Then there is another agency known as TCC near UPS and they said that they can will get my documents attested for sure with my fathers name problem. They charged me 10k r.s. They said that 6k is for Urgent attestation and 4 we take for attestation with verification of fathers name. Well since i had given them documents at the end of sept. They had not attested them yet saying that there is some problem with the embassy. But thats not what i am worried about. I mean i called UAE embassy and they said themselves that they are facing this problem. What i am worried about is that would my documents be legally attested, I mean I am afraid, if they didnt do it legally or something. It would be a huge trouble for me. They said we do it legally. Once attestation is done your data would be online. So you will know that it is not Illegal. But i am still worried and concerned. I dont know how can i check my data online. Embassy can but i cant do it from my home internet. So, my question is once my documents are attested, can UAE Embassy tell me that yes my documents have been legally tested and my data is with them and it is online??

    I would be reallyyyyyyyyyyy thankful if anyone can give me any information?. I am so much confused at the moment -.-. Need help badly :)

    • Dear,
      Do not be confused. You have to get your documents attested through an agency(any) who provide such services. As far as verification is concerned, I am not pivot to those details, so I can not comment or help you with this.

  280. Kashif

    Aoa Muneeb,
    I have a Question kindly guide me ASAP, bro in my all degrees like (Matric&FSC&UNI) my name and father’s name is written correctly but in my Passport my name is correct but my Father name is not correct for example (Muhammad Kashif Nazir S/O Haji Nazir Ahmad).in all my degrees it is Written “Ahmad” but in Passport it is “Ahmed”. there is only one Spelling mistake, should i change my passport or not for a spelling(A,E) bcoz i have my Urgent visa issued from KSA Company….please guide ASAP.

    • I really hope it wont create any issue for you but please do check with concerned authorirites. Thanks


      • Kashif

        Thanks Bro.

  281. Syed Waqas

    Dear Muneeb, thanks for your useful informations.
    It is important to renew the HEC verification after six months,, but what about MoFA and Embassy verifications? is there verifications also need to be renewed after six months or not? plz inform me about this.

    • Dear,
      No it is not required. UAE embassy verification is lifetime.

  282. faisal Ayub

    Dear kindly guide, for employment purpose in Dubai do i need all my degree verified from UAE embassy in Pakistan, or only my Graduation & Masters degree.

    • Only the degree on the basis of which you want to get job. Normally its the highest onen (in your case masters). Good luck!

  283. Hello Muneeb,
    I did my Bachelors in Computer Sciences in 1997, I got my degree from college and started a job. My degree is not a fake degree, but the college closed in end of 1999. At that time HEC was not that important entity neither I though to contact with them to attest my degree. HEC of-course will not recognize my degree – I have checked HEC site and of-course my college name was not there… Now if I want to do do a job in UAE, what can be done in my case?
    Please guide…

    • Dear Ahmad,

      You need to contact HEC directly. Do not just check their website and make assumptions. I am sure they have a way for these kind of cases. You are NOT alone and they will have a way out for you. Good luck!

      • Thank you muneeb. One more thing that I have Microsoft Certification like MCSE, do I need to attest that too from HEC and Foreign Office etc. ? Please guide…

  284. Malik

    Sir, I want to know how to check weathr the visa is original or fake?
    Is there any way to check?
    Because now a days visa for UAE is electronic visa and fraud is also possible.
    Specially for Sharjah or any other state except dubai

    • OK to Board stamp is verification of original visa. Good Luck.

  285. Omer

    Dear Muneeb Bahi

    Aoa, Great job you have being doing.
    Kindly guide me, as i am going to get my degrees attested from HEC.
    On My M.Sc degree my name is written as Omer Zafar Khan Burki while my on my ID card is Omer Zafar Khan . Does Sub-Caste matter ————-in degree attestation.
    I guess its 1st 3 names.

    Kindly guide.


  286. Furrukh R.


    Dear Muneeb,

    First of all, I would like to congratulate you for getting the recognition of a true helping hand for many of us Pakistanis and would like to thank you for being such a support and for sharing your knowledge.

    Secondly, I have a query of my own. My CNIC and passport state my name as ‘Syed Farukh Raza Ali’ s/o ‘Syed Masood Raza’ although all my educational documents (Matric, Inter & Degree) have my name listed as’Syed Farukh Raza’ s/o ‘Syed Masood Raza’.

    Would you please let me know if this can be an issue while getting the HEC attestation or not.


  287. Tariq Ali

    Muneeb bhai umeed hy aap thek hongy.
    mera problem yeh hy k main ne yahan Pakistan mein Multan mein Dubai mein job k liye interview dia hy… for Accoutant.wo log kehte k humari company hy ALLIED TECHNICAL SERVICES LLC k name se Deira Dubai mein. Ab unho ne 3 months baad mujhe visa ki photocopy mail ki hy lekin us pe Entry permit number, UID number aur oper jo Barcodes k nechy number likhy hote wo sab shuru wale half half ko marker se mitaya hua. So main usko caise verify kar sakta hn k visa original hy ya nai? Baqi yeh k is name ki compamy ka wujood hy Clock Tower k pas??

    • Dear Tariq,

      After they will provide you with ticket then they will do “OK to board” for you which is verification of your visa. Good luck!!


  288. Sana

    Hi Muneeb,

    Many thanks for writing up very useful information to help people.ALLAH PAK will give you Jaza.
    One question that I had in mind, If my brother apply for transit visa and wants to go to search a job, should he have all document attested before he leaves for dubai.

    • Dear Sana,

      Transit visa is used if you are using that country for connecting fight and your final destination is another country. Its always good to have all documents ready. Good luck!

  289. Amna

    Dear Muneeb,

    Aslam o Alikum!

    I want to know that for getting employment in Bahrain is there necessary to attest Transcript along with Degree..or only Degree is enough??


    • Dear Amna,

      Only degree is enough. Good luck!!


  290. Jahangir

    Dear Muneeb,

    My Name is written JAHNGIR KHAN (letter “A” is escape after “H”) on NIC Passport and Matric certificate,
    While on my B.COM degree my name is written JAHANGIR KHAN (letter “A” is added in my name after letter “H”)
    Plz tell me whether embassy can make any objection or not on this on?

    • Please check with concerned authorities. Good luck!! Thanks


  291. abubakar

    hi i am from pakistan i live in pakistan my uncle lives in australia
    i want to go there for job please guide me about that
    i am abubakar my age 24 i am from lahore
    i did b com from lahore please dont forget to answer me
    i am waiting for your answer

    • Dear AbuBakar,

      Good luck with your job search. I have no idea about Australian immigration/job search. However, what I have heard is that if you have couple of years of experience outside Pakistan (may be middle east or Europe) then its easy to get a job in Australia. As far as I know, you need to do TOFEL/IELTS exam first (it is mandatory as far as I know). You must check with someone who has full knowledge about the whole process. Good luck!!