SharePoint 2013 custom field in not showing in crawled and managed properties

SharePointerssss. . . . ! ! !

Guys, I am back with another real life situation which left us all very frustrated and made us pull our hairs. Situation occurred with SharePoint 2013 search.

Problem statement: We had one column which was part of a content type in SharePoint 2013. After full crawling all other fields were showing up in SharePoint 2013 managed properties (now called search schemas) but ONLY this one field failed to appear.

Solution available over the internet is to reset crawl index and do full crawl again which we did atleast 6-7 times however, every time ONLY that one field failed to appear. Incremental crawls (set after 15 minutes) also failed to show any signs of this field.

After rigorous testing and findings we were finally able to solve it. Here I would specially thank my friend (Austin D Souza) for his patience and pointers. He is a great SharePoint Admin but above all a great human being. Thanks Austin.

Solution: For crawler to crawl a field and convert it into a managed property there should be at least one list item or one document with that data against that column. Unless data is not there that field won’t be crawled. I am not sure at this stage to call it a bug or a feature but it is there in SharePoint 2013. So if you are planning to add custom managed properties in SharePoint advance search pages then make sure you add some data against those fields to appear.

Note: Austin found that there are some memory leaks while doing SharePoint 2013 full crawl.

I hope it will help you all save a lot of trouble shooting time.

Many thanks!

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  1. Muneeb excellent findings thanks for sharing

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