How to get values of a excel row in actionpane using VSTO

Hi all this code will help you to get the data of the selected row of excel sheet in the actionpane with textboxes same in number as the columns of the row…..

Private Sub BtnEdit_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles BtnEdit.Click



Dim dsSrc As DataTable = Nothing

dsSrc = Globals.Sheet2.List1.DataSource

Dim intValue As Integer = Globals.Sheet2.List1.SelectedIndex – 1

dsSrc = Globals.Sheet2.List1.DataSource


apedit.TxtProjectID.Text = dsSrc.Rows(intValue)(0).ToString

apedit.TxtBIDID.Text = dsSrc.Rows(intValue)(1).ToString

apedit.TxtReference.Text = dsSrc.Rows(intValue)(2).ToString

apedit.TxtSystem.Text = dsSrc.Rows(intValue)(3).ToString

apedit.txtArea.Text = dsSrc.Rows(intValue)(4).ToString

apedit.TxtBidPartNumber.Text = dsSrc.Rows(intValue)(5).ToString

apedit.TxtBidManu.Text = dsSrc.Rows(intValue)(6).ToString

apedit.TxtBidDesc.Text = dsSrc.Rows(intValue)(7).ToString

apedit.txtBidQty.Text = dsSrc.Rows(intValue)(8).ToString

apedit.TxtBidTotalCost.Text = dsSrc.Rows(intValue)(9).ToString

apedit.TxtBidTotalPrice.Text = dsSrc.Rows(intValue)(10).ToString

Catch ex As Exception


End Try

End Sub

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